5 ways to not care!

Caring means your always going to be on the poorer end of the bargain and you don’t want that do you? Caring also means scarifying, giving a damn and getting hurt. Caring means you’re in touch with the human soul inside of you which leads to nothing positive unless someone really cares back soon enough. So lets get right to it while I give you 5 ways not to care.

1) Always remain distracted

IF you’re busy, reading an interesting book, watching a meaningful movie, reaching your goals and staying busy you don’t have the time to care about anyone else except your work. This leads to you turning into a soulless bastard but anyways, at least you won’t care cause you’re going to be too busy living a life unlike those idiots who really have nothing better to do than gossip and complain!

2) Increase your options wherever possible

Caring usually involves people. You care what people think, you care about your nasty boyfriend, you care about your best friend who does’t really bother much with you then start increasing your options. Meet new people who think better of you, get another boyfriend who cares better for you, ditch your best friend and get someone loyal like a dog or a cat (p.s they are loyal).

3) Believe in something that won’t break your trust

Putting your belief in things like family or god or even a good philosophical book can give you relief from caring!

4) Shut down and restart

If you seriously don’t want to give a fuck, reboot your mind every time it gets a bit of feelings inside itself. Say it out loud even if you don’t mean it; I DON’T CARE! Sooner or later you’re bound to float in the words you speak everyday!

5) Care enough that it spills over

Some idiots just keep on caring and caring when the opposite person is just using you. Have a limit. Stick to that limit. If you surpass your caring meter with that person stop and follow the above 4 ways I just spoke about.

Caring is not a bad thing but it can be wrong if you practice it with people who don’t return the favor.There is a clear distinct line of when its enough and when someone really needs you.. So take care of those extra caring-for-others cells in your body and use it for people who give a shit!

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BE ALONE. Its the best thing. Trust me.

Being alone doesn’t necessarily mean being lonely. To some people who are still young it’s the most difficult task while the older and wise prefer it at times because they see the benefits that come out of being by yourself. Don’t lock yourself in the room and say okay, time to be alone and happy. It’s not going to work. What I really mean by being alone and it being the best thing is a) It’s the only time you will grow smarter and b) You start loving your own company.

No matter how many best friends and how many people love you, people cannot be trusted. Not even your family. The world is selfish and it can leave you with nobody around in a single snap. Security only comes to those who love themselves and actually spend time with themselves. No one in the world is going to think like you, feel like you and truly understand you but you. Some people say its only god who really gets them but actually it’s yourself.

So try spending at least one hour alone by yourself. Read a book, see a movie, do something you love but only by yourself. And you’ll be so much more intellectual than the rest of the pretentious crowds. After all you can’t be fake with yourself can you?

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Why I’m asking you not to give up.

Because if you give up, you turn into an ordinary person. You live life as it is. You avoid the challenge. You merely just scrape by hoping to find a better day. If you give up you won’t ever get a good break, you won’t understand the true meaning of success and you surely won’t be one of the greatest people alive. If you do give up, you’ll be happy, content and may think that everything is fine but internally you’ll know your life is incomplete, raw and just feels wrong. You don’t really deserve what you have and your shallowness will be see through and you will be judged.

So go ahead. Give up unless you really want to be the person you thought you were born to be. After all I’m just a voice of another person who decided that she’d never give up no matter the challenges.

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Have I Inspired You Enough?

It is not the world that caves into temptation but it is temptation that makes the world cave. I rather find it amusing when I watch a woman fall in love quicker than she runs away from a thing she is afraid of. The memory haunts her till date when she recalls walking into the woods and stopping to stare at something so terrifying she could never forget. Gleaming gold locks scattered everywhere as brown daring eyes looked back at her. It replicated her every moment. It told her it knew where she was going. As she ran for her life it followed her till the end of a new beginning and the chapters in her life quickly sifted through and halted, till she fell in love. Swearing to her new profound passion she said she’d never go back till one day her passion itself got lost in a treasure of trees that she had sworn to never open. But love stood tall, beckoning to the calling temptation, she walked back courageous because now she had something to lose if she didn’t face the beast that hid deeper than her curiosity. Chin up she looked out for the devil that took her hope and faith and waited for a chance to show her newly discovered trust in her found soul that changed her body-directing-organ for the better. Turning, she faced her demons ferociously as she stopped to drop her weapon and fell to the floor. All this while she feared the beauty of nature for no reason as she stared into the demons eyes. It only looked back at her with pity for not looking at the obvious. They smiled together as she turned around and parted with something that never existed, in the first place.

It was only her reflection.

What to do when you’re depressed!

Today, I really wasn’t in the mood to wake up to life. I wasn’t happy and it was because I read a complete idiotic non – talented writer get recognition from an Indian actress who probably did super PR for him because he is working close to the Indian television industry and they maybe chud buds. Whatever the reason it is difficult to get good talent recognized. A severe challenge and yes people do feel like giving up. I’m not self praising myself if that’s what you think but truthfully speaking I know I have the talent to inspire the right kind of people and there are only few people out there who can really reach out and be there for those who need them. Besides all this self pity that I’m inflecting, I came across this beautiful post by Paulo Coelho and immediately I realized, being an artist of any genre mean’t inspiring a few if you could and not expecting to make a difference to a billion at a time! If my posts can help a few then I guess its enough, at least I’m not sitting on my bum and not trying! So thank you Paulo because today, you inspired me so that I could help others!
Here is the image that moved me:

2015/01/img_4517.jpgUntil the next blog!

7 lies about life

Life is a pretty sweet deal when you judge it by looking at how interesting it looks from the happy side but when you turn around and look into your reflection dancing in the pond you realize you’ve been lied to. Here are just about 7 general lies about life and honey you can’t deny them!


1) The reason why happiness is more difficult to be found than sadness is because happiness can only be found within you.

So basically are you telling me sadness is not found within me and I yet feel sad? It’s a lie. Sadness and happiness both exist inside of you and both are controlled by you. The truth about this is; its a choice, that makes the difference. 

2) Life is better when you’re all grown up and you understand things better.

Knowledge maybe a gift but it a greater curse. The more you know the more you think and the more you expect. Secrets kills people. When you’re young things are hidden from you because you need to be protected. When you grow up, the protective layer disappears and you are allowed too experience a different side of the world. Curiosity is good but remember it also killed the cat.

3) Fear death

Death is an entirely made up lie. It’s only scary because its the end. Well I thought people liked the end at times. Don’t you like it when a bad thing ends? A bad day ends? A bad story ends? Why do you not want a good thing to end? Because its good? That’s a pretty objective view you’ve got. You think by dying you’re going to miss life. Well if you love living so much why complain? Enjoy every moment of it, good or bad because no matter what it will end and oh boy there is no choice is there? Just don’t fear it like life’s told you to.

life quotes photos

4) All families aren’t perfect

What a weird lie. you’ve heard that families are perfect and called that statement a lie then why say all families aren’t perfect and say it is the truth? Well I say that’s a lie life’s taught us to live with. All families are perfect. What is perfection? Perfection is when everything is right. No matter how much you hate someone, you think its right to hate them so isn’t that perfect? It is again boiling down to a choice. Your family maybe feisty but have you asked them why do they think its so right to be feisty? Aren’t all families just perfect? After all, you’re part if them 😉

5) Sickness is bad

This one lie I have decided to break once since for all. In sickness you learn to truly live. In sickness the correct company stays. In sickness you have the chance to deburden yourself. In sickness you begin to believe in second chances. In sickness you have experienced the truth life has been lying to you about.

6) Money and time waits for no one

Surprisingly, you’re going to die to wait for me to give you a reason why money and time waits for no one. I think that’s a lie. Money waits, that trust fund you’ve been keeping for a year its been waiting oh yes it is and time? Time moves slower than a second when you’re exercising, when you’re having a long day. Time waits patiently doesn’t it? Use it efficiently and you’ll see how sweet time can be to you.

7) Just because someone great says something, it’s to be followed

May it be me, Shakespeare, Jesus, Obama or whoever, don’t follow great advice’s blindly. Life depends on you following advice’s you can relate to. Don’t do that. Relate, accept and make a decision that will benefit you.

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 Hope you like the image! 😛

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Have I Inspired you enough?

From the morning sunrise I recall the white dewed clouds that asked me not be lazy today and to go out to the inviting day and breathe in the present that was yesterday’s tomorrow. I put on my shoes and began to jog from the very minute my feet touched the soft – easily manipulative green floor and continued to make my way up a stony path that would lead to an abandoned stretch with a view of a hundred shimmering cars and a few matte finished trees in the bludgeoned valley. It was an ordinary day and yet it seemed like the world put in so much effort to look exactly the same way as yesterday. Wheatish skin with a few droplets of sweat, I saw a tall boy breathing flawlessly as he made his way uphill to turn to look right into my wet-pupils that dilated in one glance. His cherry reddened, naturally thick lower lip twisted into a smile as his eye lashes fluttered like a butterfly’s wings and mesmerized my soul while the rest of his body simply passed by.

The day was not an ordinary one anymore.