Have I Inspired You Enough?

Hope is never hopeless, love never hates and faith always wishes for the best. An apple’s seed produces a linage, an actress put on a show for an aspiring actor, a dancer dances to teach and a singer sings to be listened.

Wondering leads to wonder, a wonder is a pool of questions, a pool of questions is a sign of curiosity, curiosity is a reason to answer, answers generate more thoughts and thoughts make you wonder.

Just like life after death, there is death with a spiritual soul, the spiritual soul is a sign of life and sign of life leads to fear and fear is followed by death.

Happiness gives you a reason, a reason maybe good or bad, a good reason leads to happiness and a bad one is opposite of that.

Work leads to stress, stress leads to problems, problems give birth to anger, anger leads to action and actions lead to consequences and consequences leads to suffering, suffering leads to more problems and more problems lead to more stress…

Words are mean’t to inspire, inspiration also can mean a warning, a warning can be a sign, a sign can save a life and saving a life is giving a new tomorrow, a new tomorrow brings hope and hope as you know isn’t hopeless!

Think about it. You never know what cycle can lead you to gain answers…to questions that have been left unanswered for so long.

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The world is kinder than life! There is a difference.

People say we live in a cruel world where life is unfair and things don’t go our way, well, here’s news for you, the world is not that bad, its only the way you manage your life that is full of shit!

I used to blame the way people think and do things, the way government takes decisions and the way there were wars before but now… people are changing. The world is learning, you are growing.

The planet is full of innovative people, people who you have never met and yet they are willing to help you in any way that they can. Helping doesn’t mean just through money, it means being there with you, advising you, guiding you even though they don’t know if you’re listening or not!

Social media has made it possible for writers, photographers, doctors, talkers and whoever you’d like, to be there for you, talk to you, tell you how to get to the place you want to.

People are subconsciously sharing their moments, their lives, their ideas constantly on mediums everyone can access.Today an Indian and can sit in Mumbai and influence a reader in Canada or UK or USA and the same happens vice verse.

Cultural barriers break everyday through communication. If I ever need constant support that my family or friends don’t provide then you have posts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc through which people who don’t even charge you any money to advice you about their stories about life and how to tackle it. The internet has saved many lives than you think and done it very silently.

I am not saying all of the world is pretty, safe and kind but there are people, easily reachable who are the faces and saviors of humanity and if you stop appreciating them, supporting them and being there for them, then who will encourage them to constantly stand by your side? Love works both ways doesn’t it?

So before you say: I curse the world, think again. Is the world that bad? or are they your decisions that make your life bad!

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Why you shouldn’t dream of having a fairy tale ending!

Fairy tales are an amazing way of saying  – this is how your life will get better but what you think is the ending isn’t actually the ending.

You see, each man and each woman is different. If you want the kind of girl/boy they said is ideally perfect for you in fairy tales you’re wrong. Have you’re own personalized realistic ending or at least aim to wish for one.

Love is something so beautiful and powerful that it cannot only change your mind but also the physical looks of your body. The feeling of being secure, happy, honest and knowing that someone is right next to you is an emotion so rare that the world calls it happiness. I think happiness has a major role on how you look and how you think. A happy mind is so different from a sad one. So imagine how different you must be looking when your happy than when your sad.

You must be wondering why is it that none of your relationships last? OR why do I stay single for so long? Well its either because your compromising or raising your expectations (which I am not saying is wrong but then again do you think its right?).

I read somewhere on Instagram that the first thing you do before you think you want to date is understand yourself. It’s so important to understand yourself! If you are a short tempered person look out for someone who is calm and understanding. If you are a control freak look out for either someone less a control freak than you or someone who shares the same likes of being a control freak for certain people. There is no exact science that says opposites attract or similar people attract, it is actually puzzles make a good picture. Find the person who matches your missing puzzle piece and you’ll be happy.

I often wonder why I am single for so long. That’s a completely wrong thing to do. By even asking why am I single for so long is asking why aren’t I happy being  by myself? I am happy by myself! 

Don’t look for love nor should you let love find you. Stay centered. If you like someone, speak to them. If no one fits your bill then ignore them and just live your life normally. You will find someone who fits you in the right way some day or the other!

When I look at happy couples I feel like when will it be my turn? When will I get someone similar to me but frankly speaking due to social media I just realised I am not the only one who feels this way. There are so many people out there feeling just the way I am. If you’re not the only one feeling like this then that means there must be at least a 1% chance if not a 99% that you will meet someone who shares the same interest, thoughts and likes as you?  Because they are beautiful yet alone too!

There is no prince charming or Edward or Mr Grey in the world, there is only, that guy, the sweet one, the caring one, my bae in this world. Each guy or girl is different and trust me after a certain age, looks won’t even matter. It’s the intellect, confidence and the amount you truly love yourself though which you will be judged.

Did you know: When a relationship just ends or when you are depressed or unhappy with yourself your judgement gets blurry. This why people say don’t get into a relationship or don’t jump right into decisions. This blurry effect is so bloody powerful it could actually convince you to kill yourself if you are unhappy. TIME HEALS IT ALL. An apple tree takes at least 2 – 5 years until it begins to grow fruits, what are a few months dedicated to spending time alone to heal your soul that you can’t really wait for? If nature can be so patient why can’t you?! Aren’t you part of nature too?

So don’t wish for a fairy tale ending, wish for a personal different kind of ending because your not a character in a book, your life doesn’t end after you marry or achieve a goal, it will go on till your last breathe and you’d want to be with someone who is right there with you as much as you are there for them, may it be you yourself, a lover or a friend!

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Love is in the air! 10 signs it was a good first date!

After a first date we usually get nervous trying to find the perfect signs or recalling previous moments that meant he’s going to ask you out again or that he enjoyed as much as you did. Here are 10 signs to calm those pulsing nerves down that would help you decide if your first date was a good one or not!

Sign #1 Few awkward moments

The most important barrier to overcome in a date is awkward moments of silence. If they were very few of them or probably none it means both of you were too busy having a great time to feel weird or out of place which is a rare factor on first dates!

Sign #2 He was smiling a lot

Boys don’t smile easily or laugh at jokes a girl cracks that easily and mean it. They are a tough crowd that way but that amazing laughter that comes from within them when you are really a funny person and you make him smile or laugh is something that doesn’t happen often and if you made him smile a lot throughout the date it means your magic has worked on him and he’s into you.

Sign #3 A little bit of touching happened

During a date both parties are a bit scared about touching the opposite person. It’s like you might catch fire with all that intense heat flowing in your blood but sometimes when the date is going good, the guy might just find an excuse to hold your hand or play with your fingers. If he tries holding your waist while you walk next to him, it is a sign that he either likes you a lot or wants to kiss you!

Sign #4 You had a really good time

The best judge of whether a date went well or not is you and only you. If you had a great time and if you think it went well then probably he felt the same way and he’s going to call you the next day or text you telling you what a great time he had! Pay attention to your intuitions and follow them because they are the best guide.

Sign #5 Both of you were feeling comfortable

Comfort is the most important ingredient to the first date. If you were happy and he was happy and feeling very open towards each other it means the date went quite well!

Sign #6 He showed interest

Guys don’t care what you ate for dinner last night or who your ex – boyfriend was. Some don’t even care about why you’re here on the date if they don’t like your personality or you! BUT if you can change that thinking and get him interested in knowing the number of cats you own or some crazy thing about you, you’ve got him centered. Men who genuinely show interest and remember what you are talking about are definitely thinking about more than a hookup!

Sign #7 He told you about something no one else knows

Boys don’t reveal their secrets on the first date. Some don’t even admit they are as nervous as you are but when a sentence that starts with; I’ve probably never told anyone this but…. It means you’ve struck gold and you are someone he can trust his secret with!

Sign #8 He spoke about his friends

Another thing boys rarely do is tell a girl about his friends on the first date. A first date is like a trial experiment to see if the girl is his type or not and so if he discusses all his close best friends with you, it means it definitely went well!

Sign #9 You got a goodnight kiss

Do I have to make it more obvious? If you got a nice romantic goodnight kiss at the end of the date, and all the tongues were in the right places inside the mouth and it wasn’t awkward it just means you just had the perfect date!

Sign #10 He made plans for a second date

Lastly and the most obvious part is he asked you out again at the end of the date and made plans for the future. He could also ask you out again through text the next day but it’s the same thing. If he asked you out again it means, you’re someone he wants to know more and possibly date in the future!

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