Love is never complicated

Love is an object not easily found. Like a rare diamond. Like a piece of substance that money cannot buy. Love is purity of the soul and if you love less you will receive less love. When you love somebody more, the opposite person will sense that in you and return. If he doesn’t, he wasn’t worth it. If someone doesn’t want your love don’t be disheartened, know that you have to keep the fire going for someone who will one day appreciate it.

How many times has your crush or a person you-like rejected you? A million? So is that why you love less? Is that why you are more careful? Is that why you show that deep side of you less? WHY??? If you are passionate and you know you want more and need more and you want someone to respect you the same way, the only way it is possible is by letting that person know how you feel.

Love is not a choice. It just happens.

If he or she doesn’t accept the love you are giving it is not worth it. If they believe love comes to them when its convenient well they are wrong. Love is unconventional, inconvenient and is never going to happen at the right time.

Interested people make it work. They push, they know how it is. They believe they can work through thick and thin. Maybe you have to keep patience sometimes. Maybe patience is your answer but if you aren’t patient let them know. Let them know. So you can protect yourself.

Nothing is complicated, especially love. It is a yes or a no. Things work out for the best whether it was in your favor or not. IT WORKS IF YOU GIVE IT A SHOT.

Love is a battle. You don’t want to fight it and you want an easy win but that’s never going to happen with the right people. 

So decide, do you want to love when its inconvenient or when your finally ready and have the time but the perfect person no longer cares?


6 Observations On Writing You’d Agree On!

Writing is not only an art it is real effort. Effort that many people don’t take notice of as quickly as a trailer or video or picture but it quite isn’t that bad. After being a writer for the past 4 years, I realised a few things about society and the way the world functions and you being my reader might just agree.

Here are 6 observations on writing for the writer & the written work

1) When you write something, whatever it may be – formal, informal or even a casual text, if you’re not happy with the work, the reader won’t be happy with it either.

Somehow our brains know what people like to read because it is actually us seeing what we want to read. Writers put themselves in the readers shoes and a really good writer always puts him/herself in  his/her shoes as a reader. Being a lazy writer won’t get you credit but if you put in hard work and ACTUALLY be satisfied with your work, you’ll get appreciation!

2) Sad, current issues etc like serious works always win competitions but a good comedy story or a piece of fiction captures the heart of everyone!

I have always observed this. Whenever I write something happy I never win, whenever I write something serious I definitely get myself a second place in competitions. Emotions works well with the older people but light-hearted work gives a break to the youth. P.S 50 Shades of Grey sold more copies than Harry Potter series.

3) Understand your audience 

Every teen goes through similar situations such as depression, first love, enemies etc. Write targeted work to a particular age group with a particular topic and you’ll do fine. Sell a JD Salinger like books to a child and you’ll lose his/her vote on your work.

4) Verify your work. Verified work gains the trust of their readers and boy oh boy, you need trust.

When your readers trust you, you know they will very passionately follow you. Lose that trust and its over. No one likes fake content!

5) Don’t be afraid to try something new, it works better. Twilight did well, the rest of the vampire stories that followed after were just considered copies.

Don’t write something that is trending now. START A NEW TREND. Creative people mostly consist of writers. Use that mind, trust me you’ll go a far way!

6) Always appreciate supporters. Don’t suck up to them!

No one likes sucker uppers 😉 Stay original and always trust in your readers *It works both ways you know!*

If you have any comments or questions on writing or any topics like love, lust, friendship etc you’d like me to cover don’t be afraid to ask! 

Until the next blog!

Have I Inspired You Enough?

The smell of chocolate on his breath. His white sparkling teeth is straight like a silhouette. The fact that he cares is what surprises me the most. Love was mean’t to be beautiful but true love hurts. He says that I’m important to him but never actually says it out loud. I wonder how is this possible within a week that I know him of. Do soul mates really exist I ask? Because it is impossible two people have the exact similar thoughts.

He is lazy, he is boyish, he is everything I thought was lost but how long till things get difficult and they don’t last? The phase of a crush, the phase of thinking ones in love. How long does it last? How long does it last?

Love is poetry, poetry written in paragraphs. If  you don’t connect to it, its lost its grasp. To all the people who have been in love, to all the darlings who fought with brave hearts. Remember how it felt to have a real crush. And when you do, don’t forget, you can still fall in love instead of thinking about the regret!

When times are tough and you’ve got that heavy heart…

Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate. Without them, what would shape our lives? Perhaps if we never veered of course we wouldn’t fall in love, or have babies, or be who we are. After all seasons change. So do cities, people come into your life and people go. But it’s comforting to know that the ones you love are always in your heart. And if you’re very lucky, a plane ride away. – Sex & The City.

Dedicated to my pet hamster Elvis, who passed away today… He’s finally home.