Are you acting too desperate to get his attention?

Being bored and wanting to meet him real bad is equal to being desperate and wanting his attention. Don’t fool yourself. If he is on your mind 24 x 7 it isn’t love it’s obsession and you gotta stop cause it’s gonna affect your relationship.

He may be responding positively or ignoring you but giving him his space is never going to have a bad result so don’t worry and just do these 5 things!

1) Forget he exists. Who would you call or text or want to meet if he wasn’t there? Go out with that person instead!

2) If no one is free and you just can’t stop thinking about him try Tinder or finding another date. Don’t do something naughty just get yourself distracted!

3) Read. Read. Read. Get smarter! A thing I always advice!

4) Go out yourself and go cycling or play in the park or pick up a hobby!

5) IGNORE when he calls or texts. He will be super surprised! Pick up on the third ring! You got this girl!

No guy is perfect enough to lose your reputation over! Keep it cool and keep it classy!

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Have I Inspired You Enough?

Glasses clinked and water poured. She looked so depressed but nobody noticed her. She put on a smile as genuine as she could hoping she could also be where her friends stood. Disappointed in life she ate her chicken. Piece by piece swallowing harder with each bite she took. Why does it have to be me, to always fail? Does happiness and success always disdain? You have to be proud of them or else they don’t consider you their best friend. Say a word about how much you wish you were as great as them and goodbye will be on its way. One kiss on their forehead, loved and taken care. She wished so hard, so hard to have the life of others, not knowing others wanted what she had only hidden; talent, a unpredictable future and time to watch the sunset. Until the next blog!

Don’t let ANYONE make you feel like shit! Save the pain for something more worth it.

When you love your family, a guy or a girl or friends, the love blinds their words. They maybe guilt tripping you, making you regret doing things, showing them things or even sharing your inner most secrets and don’t you fucking make them feel okay making you feel like shit.

This is what you do.


Listen to everything they are saying. Don’t defend, don’t talk and don’t reply back. Just listen. Let them know you are listening. If you break off their thoughts you might get a wrong meaning out of what they want to say. They might even start playing around the bush so listen if you want your comeback to be stronger.

Take it in.

TAKE YOUR TIME TO PROCESS IT. You have time to reply. You always have time to reply. Think your words carefully and then reply back.

Don’t bring up things that are already gone.

Say you understand but also say you’re not sorry. I need to be me. I don’t need to hide behind things to defend myself. It is okay what I’ve done but if you want to stay in my life you have to stop living on what happened and concentrate on what’s happening and what can. Think ahead and be clear. Don’t be a dick like them and wait to attack later.

Believe in the friendship.

Believe that if he/she loves you back and wants to stay in your life and will stay. People succumb to blames and guilty situations. They get scared that if they don’t beg back or say sorry the person is lost forever. WELL THAT’S TOTAL SHIT AND THAT’S YOU TAKING SHIT. If you are not guilty you will not feel bad. If the person wants to stay they will, you don’t have to make them.

Take a step back.

Don’t bring it up once the topic is over. Take a step back. I learned this from a close friend. He says ‘Whenever someone hurts me I take a step back. I review the situation and then just forget it so it doesn’t hurt so much anymore.’ Keep living on. It works wonders because when you take a step back the other person notices, you’ve done that and something is wrong. You have to continue being yourself and ignoring the things that pinched you because what’s the point? What’s the point of discussing and reviewing again and again? Its just small stuff and you don’t need to sweat it!


Don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad about who you are or what you do. Just be patient and learn from your mistakes because once what is done it is done. If they give you a second chance which they will when its not your fault you just make sure you don’t repeat what you’ve done cause now you know what ticks them off and doesn’t.

Love yourself.

It’s hurting? It’s unfair? It sucks? Well read a book, kiss your mom, go out and try forgetting about it because it won’t matter a year after, will it now?

Also, don’t show that it’s hurt you or affected you. Don’t change your status, don’t inform them, don’t do anything about it. Breathe it in and forget it!

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5 tips on how to be the girl a man needs!

I am not going to tell you conventional ways you read on other peoples blog about what makes men fall for women. I am going to tell you this by experience and trust me I have a lot of experience and works every time.

1) A guy is not your girlfriend.

Don’t tell the guy you like about everything you feel and everything you do and what you like and dislike. Let him figure it out for himself. Let him feel like he’s made the effort to know you more.

2) Be independant.

Oh my god, I cannot mention the number of times a guy has told me the most sexy thing he finds about me is that I am independant. They love the fact that a girl can take care of herself! Be your own woman!

3)  Space. Demand it girl. 

Demand space. Give him his space but demand you’re own space. Be secretive about what you do in your own space. Why should he know everything? It adds more spice!

4) Get smart. 

If he is talking about something like psychology or marketing or even about his favourite video game, study up so the next time he starts talking about his passion you’ve got something to add, someone he can learn from. He will find it so impressive.

5) When you know something is wrong. Ask what is wrong. If he says nothing. Hold his hand.

Whenever my crush or anyone says – I feel like something is wrong and I don’t want to talk about it, I hold his hand and maintain eye contact. He will drop his guard in a second and pour out his heart. Works every time!

If you guys want to know anything about Love, Life or any other doubts from a girls perspective on men or surviving you can comment below and I will cover the topic in my next blog! 

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20 rules for your 20’s to make your 20’s the best days of your life!

I just woke up today morning and had this wonderful attitude on my mind. FUCK THE WORLD. Let me update you. I’m 21 years old, don’t have a stable job, don’t have a boyfriend and mostly 90% of the I am by myself. Now let me tell you what I have. I earn a lot of money following my passion, I am beautiful and can get any guy I like, I always end up getting the hot guy at the bar, I am the most respected person in my friend circle and I’m 21 years old.

Age will remain the same, attitude? That’s whats getting you worked up.

I am in love with a guy who is JUST perfect for me but he doesn’t want to be in a relationship. First comes doubt, oh shit, is something wrong with me? Is it me? Am I acting too needy. Blogs tell me that when a guy wants to make it happen, he will make it happen. <- all these are negative thoughts. What if he really is going through a lot of shit in his life? He wants to stay, wants to be my friend, wants to know me. If it’s going to work, its going to work and if not BE FRIENDS! Till then live up to your twenties beautiful people!

Here are 20 rules that I’m going to give you that you have to promise me you will follow. It will make you happy and give you whatever you want!

1) True happiness is in your hands. It doesn’t have to come from a boy or a girl, it could be from anywhere else.

2) You are an age to make mistakes. MAKE MISTAKES. Shut up people up who judge you for making mistakes. But don’t repeat them.

3) Be a jerk to a get a jerk.

4) Doll up everyday. You never know when your crush will walk past you!

5) You are not fat. Eat all the calories you want but exercise equally. 

6) Party hard and don’t be afraid to ask someone you find hot, out! You’re not going to be embarrassed forever! 

7) Parents can be a pain in the butt sometimes but they still choose to love you and keep you in their lives, not many parents can do that. 

8) Earn your respect at a young age. it should be your top priority.

9) Constantly learn. Don’t say ‘I know’ even though you do.

10) Believe the world is not a small place. It’s not small. Its fucking huge.

11) Do your own shit. As long as it comes from the heart it will work out.

12) Don’t make promises you know you can’t keep. Stop impressing people. 

13) Talk, share, blog, be there for people you’ve never met.

14) Don’t fall in love in your 20’s. Meet new people, keep your options open.

15) Be kind. Have courage. – Cinderella. 

16) Fail. Fail. Fail. Success. Fail. Fail. Success. Every time you fail your chances to succeed increase.

17) READ. It is so important. Read books. Read about psychology, read marketing, read, read, read. The more well – read you are the smarter decisions you’re going to make.

18) Incorporate writing as a method to vent. It does miracles.

19) Breathe. Take a break, look at the sky, breathe.

20) Don’t EVER say you can’t do it. Can’t is for quitters and losers. Can’t is for the weak. You’re not weak. You’ve survived this long. What’s 20 more years to follow? 

21) Always remember you’ll be 21 forever because it was the time you were old enough to make your own decisions and young enough to be forgiven.

Until the next blog!

5 reasons why you’re not able to make him fall in love with you

Men aren’t really that complicated. We might be super emotional and confused but luckily very few men are like women while the rest exactly know what they want. If you are looking for love and really believe you can find it, then well don’t let anyone stop you. Not even the crush you want to be with.

1) Make it clear to him about your feelings. Don’t be scared you might fuck it up!

If he makes you feel you fucked it up. FUCK HIM. Not literally but figuratively well I’m sure he will be open to the option to fuck so first say yes and then say nah.. just fuck off. Move on. Good friends and good men stay in our lives no matter what. So what if you are falling for him? If he doesn’t reciprocate then you know you have to move on. It is because you don’t move on you don’t find the love you want.

2) People didn’t know they needed laptops till laptops were invented. How the hell do you think men know what they want till you don’t show it to them?

Show them how amazing you are. How much you value them and how much you need equal value. Earn your respect. Be somebody. Be you. Be different. Be someone you’d want to be with and then watch how the game changes. He will fall for you as long as you don’t keep making it evident everything he does or doesn’t do affects you.

3) Seek a compromise. If you feel he will come around and he needs you to wait. Wait.

If a guy promises to be there for you, to care for you, tell you, you matter but says no to date you. It is okay. He is there for you! Fuck the tag! He’s not your boyfriend! So what! You are a lucky free soul who’s crush cares about you and yet you can go do whatever you want with other men! If he is giving you a part of what you want then you should give him the freedom he wants and compromise!

4) When we fall in love we believe no one can be as amazing as them. EH! WRONG!

It might take time because your heart and brain is fogged up with his image but better men always exist. Go read a book to or read a 100 till you forget. Men who will want you and love you is what you need and isn’t that what you want? To be loved equally!

5) Friend-zone. Ha Ha if a person puts you in a friend-zone laugh at it. It will get him riled up.

Don’t give you energy and time to that person if they don’t give it back. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Just laugh, be positive and wink at the guy right next to him!

Now you finally have 5 reasons why you’re not able to make him fall in love with you. Love is not forced it’s natural. It is about you being you. About how you feel about yourself and present yourself. Don’t give up and don’t be sad or scared. The right guys do come along…trust me.

Until the next blog!