What do women want?

Women want to be loved.

Want to be missed.

Want to be noticed.

They say having sex only is fine but it’s not all that they want.

They feel more. They need connection.

Women feel more than men and they aren’t loved for that but cursed and called desperate.

Women want to find their foundation.

They want to feel strong, in control and needed.

They want to show off their skills, appreciated but not taken for granted.

Women want to be understood.

They want men to be more vocal. They want men to share whats on their mind so they can communicate their messages well.

Women want to feel freedom and want to be independent.

Women want to wake up perfect but forget that they don’t need make – up, tight dresses and men to say they look beautiful but accept the beauty within them.

Women are smart but don’t get appreciated enough for their wittiness.

Women make mistakes just like men but if only you could live a day in a woman’s shoes you’d know why we wish men knew what women really wanted.

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Are all men the same?

Men that I have come across have all been the kind of people who shouldn’t be so shallow but are. Its not that I have bad judgement or that I show a side of mine that men just realize; ‘Oh she’s not a long term relationship person but a fuck buddy’ OR maybe all men in my city are sleezeballs? It’s really irritating.
I don’t make judgments from just dating two or three men, this judgment comes from giving so many men a chance. From looking at every possible perspective but it all comes down to the same, from all ages: guys my age to guys older than me, all want sex. Most of the men I have met think women as more of an object than a friend to have.
I have a fun and crazy personality so does that make it easier for them to put me in the ‘friends with benefits’ category? Does that mean I am just okay with hooking up and if I say no, I suck? What the fuck guys? Where have the nice men gone at the age of 22?
I am not needy. I love myself, I love my work, my life. I have stopped consciously looking and its made my life a little more satisfying but seriously what is with wanting to fall in love with a decent guy who feels the same about me? Why is it so impossible for girls who are actually amazing human beings being unable to find good guys?
Then there is another twist. Whichever guy meets my best friends turns into the kind who wants to date. Who wants to be in relationships. She even converted a playboy into wanting a relationship and she’s committed to entirely different person yet she keeps meeting these handsome men who all want to date her. Why is that? Why am I the fuck buddy but she the girl of their dreams? She is softer, politer, not a very party person, she is in her own world, she is pretty too. What is it? I cant really pin point but according to me… All the men I meet are just dogs and all men that my friend meets are all the nice guys who want nothing to do with sex.
Do I lack something? I don’t think so. Should I doubt myself? No. The world works in weird ways but this is just ridiculous but for one sure thing, I will never change myself to attract a guy and I think no woman should change herself for such experiences, be yourself always!  If it is going to happen it will, if it’s not then I might just adopt a dog and be happy!

Have I Inspired You Enough? (Special)

I say I have no one in the world because I am a rebellious person. I am too blind to see the people who love me and try grabbing the attention of people who have no respect for me. Being nice is mistaken for ‘take advantage because I consider it rude to say anything back’. I cry sometimes forgetting I do have a shoulder to lean on. I say I’m lonely but its actually a choice I can’t see. She can see me. She cares. She knows but decides to stay away because I might be kind to others but not her. She’ll always be there no matter how ugly I get. She’ll love not because she has to but because she genuinely does. Can I be like her? Probably, but it’ll be too late to appreciate her when it happens. When I understand the way she does. When I go through what she has. I love her so much because no one can do what she does. She sees me when no one else does. She will always see me. She motivates through her anger, she teaches through her experiences, she shares when we feel empty. She’s a mother. A word no one can mess around with.

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Until the

Being alone sucks!

It should’t be this difficult. We are surrounded by billions of people and yet fail everyday to find somebody that loves us. Sure we’ve got friends and family and our pets and god to love us but its not enough. We want to find that ‘one’ person who drives to the edge of the universe. Who makes us smile on the stupid songs we listen to and remind us that all romantic movie moments can be lived in real.

We get bitter when we don’t find the one, we get desperate when someone gives us the slightest of interest. Some of us even go back to our ex’s, to the mistakes we made thinking maybe they will think differently now, he/she must have liked me a little at least right? We compromise when relationships aren’t going smooth, we give in to the not so perfect person.

We humans really take in the love we think we don’t deserve because honestly why should you deserve more? But do you really deserve less? What if you DO deserve more? What if we believe people who want to stay in our lives will and those who don’t won’t and we have to let those ones go because in the end no one can force you to stay nor them!

What if take a break from searching and waiting and live life as it comes. What if being alone is good for us? It’s a chance to love ourselves. A time to know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t. We’ve got friends, we have company, we always have someone to talk to, we’ve got our youth to travel, see the world, put in our trust in a stranger only to be broken to learn a lesson.

Being alone sucks but it also makes you grow. It gives you time to think and be by yourself. We came in this world alone and we are going to leave alone. Take in a day at a time and stop thinking your alone because you’ve got you AND you are never enough for yourself.

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I’d like to thank all my readers for always liking my posts and being so in touch with my blog. Love you’ll and you must know, I write to inspire and to talk about the mistakes I know I should avoid and so should others. We’ve got each other, you and me. So don’t worry! 😀

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Never change yourself to seek happiness!

A writer is the sum of their experiences – Stuck In Love. It made me think, today whatever people do, selfish or not is something they always end up doing without real thought put into it.

I am a really emotional person. When I fall in love, it hurts a lot. When I hate someone, it is seriously right on the target. When I feel disappointment, my world has come to an end. Every moment of my life is an active time bomb waiting to explode into my face. It makes my life difficult and it makes others around me super tense with their intentions. I cannot live life with a lighter heart even if I try to.

I envy the less emotional people. I feel like its lucky not feel anything, its lucky you can have a heart-break and just say; EH! And move on. I feel like people who can genuinely keep lower expectations somehow live longer lives than the ones who expect more but today if I was one of the less emotional people in the world, I wouldn’t be a writer.

Change is inevitable. When the time is right or as we say when it gets too late in our lives change will take place but consciously changing ourselves to seek a happiness that may or may not exist will only ruin a hidden potential you won’t able to see in the present. The future holds the truth you cannot perceive. Sure it hurts and sure it sucks to feel so much but its worth it in the end because I feel and I can express which allows me to share.

So if your changing yourself to be happy its not going to happen because if you aren’t happy the way you are right now you’re never going to be happy even after you’ve changed because it really isn’t about you changing for yourself, it is about you showing the world how you would want to be. Change to be a better person, change to bring more positivity in your life but don’t wish away yourself and your most important traits just to find happiness or make others happy. There is a difference between the change you have to occur to go on and a change you don’t really need but just acceptance from the world. You gotta find your real reason to know when it’s time!

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