5 things to follow when you are totally embarrassed!

Often we tend to do stupid things like tell our crush we like them and they have no response, we bump into old friends who still dislike us and make us question our entire existence. Sometimes we embarrass ourselves at school or among cousins or relatives or whoever and then feel like there is no comeback but that is where you’re wrong. There is so much more to the person you are than that tiny stupid situation! Here are 5 ways or rather things you should when you embarrass yourself so that you can face those people who laughed at you or who you think find you weird and prove them wrong!


This is super common advice but to tell you the truth, if you love yourself and know yourself enough you’d never be embarrassed in the first place. Treat yourself as this awesome human being. Constantly feel confident and good about yourself and if people can’t see it then it’s their loss!


Told your crush you liked them and they didn’t reciprocate the same way? Great! Don’t feel awkward and weird, instead the next time you see them you should let them know; telling you I liked you was an actual compliment, so stop being so weird! When someone tells you that you like them don’t you feel good? It’s kind of like a compliment that the person is attracted to you. Think of it that way and carry on! You won’t feel that awkward anymore!


Farted in front of the whole class? You’re the new laughing joke? You seem to look too desperate? Sometimes it’s all in our head. We make up concepts other people are thinking about when in reality there is so much more to do in life like build a career, get rich, get successful. Your life doesn’t have to revolve around that one awkward situation!


If your worth it, if your an awesome human being, you don’t have to prove it and do something even more stupid. Prove yourself as an individual in your studies or at work. Show your potential to grow as a person and not prove to someone else but only to yourself that you will get somewhere in life.


Sometimes everything is right with the world but wrong in your head. Overthinking and constantly talking about it will only make the weird situation more weirder. Just believe like the event never took place and it will all be over soon!

SO don’t forget! Don’t blow up things in your head, don’t change yourself, don’t prove yourself to anyone, don’t take life so damn seriously and believe your worth every second of this world and you will cope up within days!

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Have I Inspired You Enough?

I’m not nervous or shy. I’m hurt but I learn. I’m not stupid yet not smart enough. I play with fire and then leave burn’t with no regrets. Finding myself in others is always a mistake but I do it to seek approval that I consciously deny. Won’t anyone ever get me? Or is it the story I can’t tell right? Fear takes over all the time, courage plays a role only when I’m pushed to cry. Opportunities come and go but respect won’t stay for long. Years old yet completely young. Adventure seeker but lazy as hell. What I look for in other is honesty but I lie in my den. Is this the generation I’ve come to pry? Because yesterday always seemed sweeter than the future I couldn’t deny. Forward or back I’ll let you decide because if I never decided to change myself how can I change the world I so eagerly wait to leave behind.

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No friends but a cup of tea!

For years I’ve been wondering, I am so friendly and always so open but I am never successful in making friends or sustaining friendships. People always end up judging. Instead of looking at all the good I’ve done they look at the bad.

They don’t want to be friends so that they can have a good time but so that they can entertain themselves. How many people out there feel so alone or have barely any friends because they have no tolerance for bullshit? For years this has been my issue but one thing that I do differently now that I never used to do before is stop finding fault in myself. I don’t judge, I don’t look at what wrong they have done, I just look at the loyalty and honest side of people. If I can be a good person then the fault isn’t in me. It’s in the people I meet. Sometimes we meet the wrong kind of people. The negative people that instead of making us feel good about ourselves make us feel bad about our existence or thoughts. They bring out the worst in us and remember this; whenever someone makes you feel bad about the way you function or the way you are, LEAVE NOW. Leave such friends. They are the destructive force in your life. The negative souls. The souls that god sends to just test how brave you really are and how much self esteem can you sustain. Don’t fight such people because if they haven’t changed their mindset now they will never will in the future.

Often I sit down and cry for hours thinking why me? Why do people not like me. Why do I always have to end up alone. Is it because I’m not rich? It is because I am not a good person?

Wrong. It’s because you haven’t met the right people yet. The people who will love you no matter what. Who will support you, who will see the good in you. People who don’t care if you’re rich or poor. Genuine people. Stop hanging out with jerks. You don’t need a bunch of insulting baboons who have no respect for you because you’re alone and need company. You won’t be alone for long. There are millions of amazing people out there who won’t judge you, won’t criticize. Who will stand by you, good or wrong!

And so what if you’re old and still haven’t found the right friends or people who love you no matter what. Love yourself. Know yourself better. Do things for yourself. In fact you can do anything you want to when your alone and remember whenever you go out alone, there are higher chances of you finding new friends every single day than the days you go along with a bunch of idiots. So wipe away those tears, tear away the guilt or blame your building inside your heart and stand strong and rebuild your life and thoughts. Strong people always survive and will always find whatever they require! So stay strong readers and don’t give into bullshit by others!

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