Have I Inspired You Enough?

I’m not nervous or shy. I’m hurt but I learn. I’m not stupid yet not smart enough. I play with fire and then leave burn’t with no regrets. Finding myself in others is always a mistake but I do it to seek approval that I consciously deny. Won’t anyone ever get me? Or is it the story I can’t tell right? Fear takes over all the time, courage plays a role only when I’m pushed to cry. Opportunities come and go but respect won’t stay for long. Years old yet completely young. Adventure seeker but lazy as hell. What I look for in other is honesty but I lie in my den. Is this the generation I’ve come to pry? Because yesterday always seemed sweeter than the future I couldn’t deny. Forward or back I’ll let you decide because if I never decided to change myself how can I change the world I so eagerly wait to leave behind.

Until the next blog


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