I found happiness when I stopped looking for it.

I’ve always looked for happiness. Inside out, upside down. Searched till the end of the road and came back empty handed. I thought I’d be handed over happiness if I Iooked for it enough but instead, it never really existed in.

In search for happiness, I lost the little that I even had. I become sadder and the happiness inside of me began to fade away.

When you search for hope you do think we get hope or the opportunities to need it comes to us? When you loose a sock, do you ever find it by searching for it like a mad person or just believe that it’s in the drawer lying idly and the day you need it, it will be right there waiting to be used?

I think searching for a thing like happiness it might never arrive but when you stop and let life just happen, happiness has a way of catching up on a day you really need it.

If every day was mean’t to be happy you’d never value happiness the way you do when it comes. So stop worrying because it will come when you stop searching for it. It will change your life or sometimes only your day but it will exist when it needs to.

So stop searching and have some faith that you will find it exactly sitting right there waiting for you to use it when you really needed it.

Until the next blog!


Is it all in my head? How to stop overthinking!

Sometimes we tend to think things that haven’t happened yet. Things we aren’t really sure of but due to overthinking and exaggeration we tend to create situations in our head that mean nothing. We tend to take things too far sometimes.

Nothing really comes out of overthinking. There is no real progress. It’s just you and your thoughts and thats all. It is never close to the reality you live in but it could destroy it easily. SO stop thinking and start living.

I have this really bad habit of predicting what people think. I predict that some person I barely know hates me because of the way she looks at me or that my crush would never ever chose to like me compared to all the beautiful girls out there in the world because well – look at me! I predict that my family doesn’t really love me and that I have no one in the world to share my thoughts with, let alone talk about them with myself.

Over the years I have constantly been proved wrong about my predictions. I have come across people telling me; I can’t believe you thought thats what I think! or ‘I have never hated you in my entire life or ‘I thought you were quite cute know you but because you never said anything I didn’t reply either.’  This only taught me that you can never guess what people are thinking unless you’re a mind reader and thus predicting what people think will only ruin your health and life and the decisions you make, making people wonder what is wrong with you and ruining your reputation.

The trick I learned to stop over thinking and stop predicting is to take one day at a time.

What did I do today. Did my day end peacefully? Did I hold my thoughts and tongue and get through the day without embarrassing myself? Did I meditate when I got angry? Did I put on a happy face when things were hurting? If yes then I got through the day and I don’t need to think about tomorrow till tomorrow comes!

This has really helped me accept a lot of things in life and to be very patient and take things as they come. Hyping it up will only make it worse. Thinking about things that haven’t happened yet will also make it worse. So take it slow, listen to some good music and don’t be so impulsive! You aren’t dying tomorrow and you don’t need to prove yourself or stay in control constantly!

Hope that helped!

Until the next blog!