Why you don’t like reading!

Being an avid reader, I never really understood why someone didn’t like reading. How could you hate it? It’s only when I begun to pick up books I usually wouldn’t want to read but had to, to better my skills I realised why certain people hate reading! 

It’s NOT that you hate reading, it’s just: 

1) You’ve never found a good enough reason to read.


2) You never picked up the right book! 

Now, lets look at point number 1. You’ve never found a reason to read. Why do humans do things? They do it mostly for selfish reasons. Selfish acts. Pheobi from the famous American tv series Friends, already taught us that there really is no such thing as a selfless act. When you really want to do something, that is the only time you will do it! When the time comes and it will, you will pick up a book of your choice and get reading to realise, you’ve been missing out a whole chunk of a world that existed within your reach but you never knew. The reason could be anything! Maybe to learn, to teach, to apply, to get inspired, to grow. You just need a good enough reason! 

Second point. You never picked up the right book! That one, is truly a tragedy! I cannot imagine picking up an economic book as my first option of books and continuing to like books for life! I took my time, figured out the things I would like to read and love to know and then I never stopped. 

People read books to pull out various information to add meaning to their life. Subconsciously we all are looking for answers to various little questions bubblings in our heads.

So don’t say you hate reading. Just say, you haven’t found the right book yet! 


Picture source: The Making of Behavioural Economics: Misbehaving by Richard H. Thaler.

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Thank the love you recieve

As humans we truly lack the capacity to appreciate. We just want more. Better job, better love, better life, better people. We look for faults, we look for happiness, we look for appreciation but we don’t thank the love we recieve. 

It’s weird because as I’m growing I’m really happy that I’m valuing everything given to me. 

I feel loved and cared everyday. When certain people you really look forward to loving you, love you back with sincerity. I realised even though I have 1 friend and a broken family, they love me to no end. It adds on. People at work care about me. Its truly fortunate to be loved this much to be able to love back. 

This does not happen to people who don’t appreciate the love around them. They are too busy finding it to understand it already exists. 

So don’t worry about the people who don’t love you, or rather can’t love you because they don’t know the real you. Don’t blame yourself or others and find a reason why you aren’t loved.

Love begins from within. Love yourself and love others and you’ll notice the love returning to you!! 

When the time is right just remember to live! 

There comes a time when you love yourself more. You take care of yourself more. If you feel no one cares about you or thinks of you, you begin not to care. You realise the world you live in is so much bigger than you think. 

The world inside you is so much larger. You suddenly realise you can’t always get what you want. Things don’t work the way you expect them to and you begin to understand it’s not only you who has to be understood but also others. 

It hurts. It stings. Shit keeps repeating. You read quotes telling you – do things differently if want them to work. You think you are doing them differently but really ask yourself if you are really doing things differently! Think again because if its not working, you not doing it differently. 

You can’t change people but you should give them space and time to change. Meanwhile work on yourself. 

Does being in love make you a better person or does being unattached make you a better person? Think. Don’t demand.

When were you the happiest the last time? What made you smile? If you want to be happy, just repeat the situation the last time you were happy.

Relive the moments in your head. Smile. Repeat it again, your film won’t run out. 

Every second, of your life counts. It’s true you know – no one is going to love you the way you do but don’t stop real people who really care about you to love you back just because they don’t live up to the expectations in your head. 

Live. Breathe. Fight for yourself.

Love is within you. Money lies in your ability, dicipline and skill. Life happens when you’re busy making other plans!
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How do you know he’s the one? 

Purpose. You share the same purpose in life. You don’t have to live out the exact same dreams they want to or do the things they do or even have things in common with them. You just have to share a connection and the same purpose in life. It could be to be more successful or to stay motivated towards a larger picture. You may believe in similar principles in life. Sharing a purpose instills connection, reason and vibes. 

He can change the way you look at the world or he can go along your set of rules but if you both share the same purpose… it might just work out. 

Another important factor is connection. When you feel something is wrong or not working out or you feel there is a distance between you’ll because of any reason – trust your gut. Listen to what it’s saying! Supression leads to mental blockage. Let your gut tell you what to do. Let it describe how to react to certain situations you feel you can’t handle! 

So how do you know he’s the one? Your gut and purpose will tell you about it. Leave everything else to – mean’t to be.