Hardwork won’t pay off alone

I gave it my all, thinking the fruit might fall. Thinking that hardwork was the nector I worked my ass for.  The right path they said, would lead my world to happiness but all I came across was pain that I never asked for. I believed that if I gave it my all, my dreams would follow on and I knew it was a war that I could have willingly fought for.

But as I waited it did not happen. I made the employer happy but that was all for that now. Time passed by, I recall being so happy and then I had to leave my dream job. The time caught on and I cried for all that I remembered working for, the longs nights and short days but damn it, the hardwork never paid off.

The truth struck me later on, it wasn’t hard work or dedication that would have given me the job, it was the right place and the right time that was playing the hand of god. Although at that moment when I look back now I realised, even though I gave it my best, it wasn’t meant to be and so it never worked out. 

Better things came along and I thanked my star for at that moment I was glad that nothing else in my past worked out. 



Have I Inspired You Enough?

Hope was lost and things were bad. It wasn’t a great day but it wasn’t so sad. The sunlight peeped through the window and filled up the desk . It made things slightly brighter but thats all it did. Others had love but it had no one. Loneliness felt more painful on such bright days but little could it predict the way the day would end. 

It walked about, thinking of what if and what buts and when the time struck right, the mood began to wither. It got the reassurance it was looking for. It got a better ending than expected before.

A day might start bad but it might end differently. For the future holds expectations that you might forget that good things are just around the corner and all you had to do was let time pass by. 


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You love him but he can’t see that

Sometimes we think we love someone and it just happens and you don’t understand why the guy you like doesn’t like you back. He might be interested but he never reciprocates! 

Well then there is no real solution for these kinda things. If guy a wants to make it happen he will. If he doesn’t then that means he’s not ready and you can do nothing but be yourself and love life.  Men aren’t very complicated. They have a one single wire system in their brain at a time and if it clicks it just does. You getting mad and all worked up will just make you lose it and make him feel you’re unappealing! 

Everyone is entitled not to care or sacrifice their happiness over guilt of not giving it their best when someone likes them and they can’t feel the same way about them or have other ambitions. If he’s not bothering then take it as a private hint and move on! Visa versa for you.

So calm down, breathe and just learn to let go in such situations. You deserve better and if you already know that, then this is me just reminding you to stay strong! 
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When a bunch of people wouldn’t stop abusing me! 

I love my work and thus I don’t tend to leave office early. Sometimes it becomes real late and despite my company offering me cab services or sometimes asking me to leave early I tend to take the train home. There has never been an incident before but this time it nearly scared me out of my wits.

India is a country where uneducated people not only don’t have basic value for another human life but also refuse to understand situations and treat others humanly. 

At 9:30pm which usually isnt so late a group of 6 teens blocked the way of a bridge at Khar station that leads to the train platform. I watched my train arrive at the station and tried to make my way off the bridge but the bloody boys wouldn’t move and mind you there was a girl hanging with them too.

I pushed both the boys and quickly got down to the platform and waited for the train to stop. That 1 entire minute that it took for the train to stop for me to board and the train to take off, the group began abusing teasingly at me.

“Hey Bitch” “Hey asshole” “Hey fucker” “Fuck you”. While men repeated fuck you and asshole, the girl shout out hey bitch tauntingly every single second.

Annoyed I showed them my middle finger and said fuck off and got into the train. They still kept abusing till the train left the platform. I mean WTF INDIA? 

The policeman in the compartment did not even say anything when he noticed. Nobody said anything. This makes me so scared! 

I wanted to punch those people and what if I did, who would protect me? Bunch of losers who got nothing to do all day annoy hard working people who need to get home from a long day of work. 

I felt really bad too with the abuses. I felt like it wouldn’t stop. It made me so angry that people like these never really reach anywhere in life and then hurt others for no reason on their way to non – existance! 

I kept telling myself not to rethink the situation and feel traumatised because that would mean that they won so I wrote this down. 

I hope all those people who have faced smiliar situations around the world don’t get affected by speckles of nothing like those people. I hope you stay strong, forget the bad and keep working and keep going because you should make it out unlike others like them. 

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