Why love hurts?

Love hurts because we let it. As stupid as that answer might sound it is true. We’ve all read about how we have the power to control our  universe and events around it. While we might not be able to go to such a far extent of controlling events around us, we can surely control our emotions and become emotionally intelligent human beings. 

Love is an act, a feeling, an emotion. When you are in love, more than the person at times you are in love with the feeling of being loved or wanted or desired. We project that emotion unto a person and thus feel like we can’t live without them. Well I say screw the emotion.

Take control of yourself and your life. Don’t let something non-existencial hurt you. Don’t let something that is within your power and control make you feel powerless and alone.

Be stronge mentally and physically and overcome these things pulling you down. You are so much smarter than that.

Love hurts because we let it. It is as simple as that. Stop letting an emotion hurt you and you will be okay. Don’t over think it, don’t drown yourself in pain. 

Distraction is another technique we all know works in pain. Then do that. Distract yourself. You’ve got this! Now go live it!



Can you change your world? 


Change is something everyone is scared of. Its the unknown zone, the kind of place when you’re not sure how your reactions will get you where you want to be but you have to understand one thing, change is a neutral party. It does not take sides. It just happens and then it is up to you to chose whether is this change good or bad? Having a predetermined mindset won’t get you far so try to accept change in a good way.

#1 Change takes place for a reason

You have to understand that while change is inevitable it is also there for a reason. It might be there to teach you a lesson, help you grow as a person or change your life for the better.

#2 Your world comprises of you and your thoughts only

When people experience world shattering, life changing events its just that their thoughts have been altered. It isn’t a big deal. A show of a dramatic events might have stirred up a already seeded thought waiting to immerge and people blame it on change and circumstances. 

#3 Change happens when you least expect it

Its like trouble or like life just taking its surprisingly natural course. It happens when you don’t expect it to take place because it doesn’t want you to ease into it, it wants you to learn from it.

#4 When it comes to change from within, change is the most vulnerable that time

When you are consciously trying to change bad habits or your life, change is prone to being vulnerable. By vulnerable I mean it can stop because you’re controling it. Don’t stop because its easy or difficult to. Go on, make it happen.

#5 Why people say change is always good.

A change is a new begining. A way to see a different perspective. It makes you feel like its not the very best thing but some people crave it. A change from work life, a change from a boring routine, a change in a mindset. While change is happening to you naturally embrace it and that is what people mean by change is good. You make it good!

Let me know your thoughts about change!

Until the next blog! 

Funny things you already know about LOVE

Love is a crazy thing. That’s what everybody says and we agree to it because it just doesn’t make sense. Especially when it just happens to one person and not the other. Sometimes we fail to realize it’s not us when things don’t work out it might be them. It might be that you are super attractive to them and they would love to date you but they are incapable of emotions, or feelings things or they have other things on their mind. They couldn’t care much.

What are we looking for when we admit to people that we love them or are thinking about them? Why do we admit these things? I mean where does it get us? Especially when we already know the answers. It’s like looking at past messages, we look at them to see a clue or hint or hope that it would be different but it’s not. It’s the same. The truth is the truth and it is so difficult to accept it that we try changing the answers by asking the same question again and again. We don’t talk to ourselves enough to stop ourselves from getting the same answers but sometimes we need to do that. We need to embarrass ourselves and we need to be let down so that we can learn and stand back up.

Love is a funny thing. It’s so raw you become needy and desperate and you say things you don’t mean but whatever you do, you follow your heart. Your brain kinda hits you for being so honest later on but your heart thanks you for getting that over with. So you told your crush you love them like about 15 times even though the answer remained the same. So what? You were reminded 15 times you needed to move on and when you do, all those weird embarrassing moments just fade away and they become distant memories. Battle it out, it will become okay, you will find sunshine and you will be happy again. Just remember to get up and get started and treat everyday like it’s a new day. If the person you like has other priorities then just set them free. Let it go and if it is mean’t to be it works out, if not you know things will still be fine, you can make it fine.

Read this over and over again if you are battling love and if you are probably going insane. It will surely help!

Until the next blog!

7 reasons you’re not over him

It’s tough getting over someone you really like, especially after knowing how it ain’t easy for the single people out there. You might be working with this person or studying with them or you must have known them for a while and you know the relationship is not working out and you are struggling to get out of that mess. Here are 7 reasons you’re still not ovet him.

#1. He’s around all the time and you can’t seem to get control of your emotions when hes around

Tip: Try to see him just as a friend. Friendship is a relationship more valuable than dating.

#2. You’re looking for hints, for codes to decode that he wants you.

Tip: If he wanted you, he’d ask you out by now. He just likes the attention for now, stop giving it to him.

#3. It makes you jealous when he says he’s hanging out with another girl

Tip: This should be all the more a drive to forget about him. Think of him as a jerk. Do you really like a jerk?

#4. You know all the great things about him which gets you all excited again and again

Tip: What about his horrible habits? No ones perfect, concentrate on those.

#5. People are constantly talking about him and their relationship with him

Tip: Try to not take it too hard when you hear about him again and again, I know its a reminder and you hate it but try changing the topic maybe.

#6. He asks you stupid things like why arent I happy blah blah

Tip: Thats the time you don’t have to give a reply cause it ain’t worth it a bit.

#7 You’ve stopped looking out for yourself and stopped looking at other men

Tip: Start dating, start flirting and if the perfect guy is not out there then just be there for yourself. Work on yourself!

What are other tips you think would work when you can’t seem to get over someone? Let me know!

Until the next blog!

Have I Inspired You Enough?

Black and white the days seems rough. One true love doesn’t seem so tough. She got and let it go because it wasn’t her choice to stay and make it work.

He thought it was the right decision, ignoring his urges to seek an ulterior motive. He maybe seeing good in her but she sees bad. She sees rejection and shes seem sad. She can’t get her head around his thoughts. That coward she screams when he talks.

What is it so unbearably real that it can’t work out or that she wants him to be surreal? How long can one seal their lips and hide? How long can one contain their pride?

It hurts as if sitting on a thorn or two. It hurts the memory and its hurts the heart too. What kind of pain is this that one can’t overcome? If true loves so painful then she rather not have some. But its always too late and pains too early.

You either live with it, fight it or just accept it. She can’t find her way out yet but tomorrow maybe someone might inspire her to see it differently!

Have I Inspired You Enough?


Curious little mind, excited little heart. Made so many mistakes to cry than learn from. It took her a while to see things in a dull manner but the world finally got to her bright green wondering eyes to a dull black slumber. 

Here and there excitement crawled back up but also paced down faster and then she never let it start. A rumble of certainity is all she needed but no one gave her a hand and no one taught her to fly again.

Then one day it hit her just not too late. Why did I let the world change me? Why did I care? If no one knows what they are doing right, how is it that everytime I do something wrong its so perfectly defined? 

She gave up the battle of holding herself back and learn’t to fly like a caterpillar. Fragile she was and she stubbled and fell but this time she said – I won’t let it get to my head. 

Her curiousity didn’t kill her but taught her many things. She was careful this time but also carefree. She was glad she went through a dark phase and let the world get to her, for the world was her teacher and her heart the listener. 

She grew to change the world to make things she thought were wrong – right again. People critized her but she never gave in. One day at a time while otherwise always sprinting away. Soar when she overworked herself but the pain brought her assurance. 

Never again did she let the world get to her the wrong way. Just the right amount opened her eyes instead. 

5 ways to avoid a broken heart! 


 When it comes to love we tend to get so blinded by the way it entertains us that we are consumed in it for the moment and when the feeling isnt reciprocated we are shattered! It seems funny when you hear things like ‘5 ways to avoid a broken heart’ titles but all those who have experienced a heart break never want to experience it again! But! They do want to feel less lonely and less broken hearted and thats when people want to know the solution to such a dilemma. 

#1 More than lowering your expectations, keep none.

If the guy or girl flirts with you, has some fun with you or treats you special don’t fall for it!! It’s human nature to find acceptance wherever people can but its not in everyones nature to get attached. You might be a softie but that opposite person won’t always be the same so you’re better off not expecting and just enjoying the attention! 

#2 It’s never about talking what’s going on between you’ll. 

When we don’t understand what the other person feels about us, like Nancy Drew we tend to over investigate. Don’t over investigate!!  Remember this precious rule that I understood too late: when you’re left wondering what’s going on between you’ll, ITS NOTHING! Whenever things get serious or real, you know exactly what’s happening and you’ll never question it. Infact questioning it won’t only give you a dissapointing answer but also lower your reputation with the other person! 

#3 Don’t change yourself so they notice

It happens at a subconscious level but when you realise you’re not being you, stop and come back to yourself, you ain’t gotta impress no one but yourself! 

#4 Don’t invest in a relationship that has not yet come into existance

Sure you make plans with them but if they keep ditching get the hint. Don’t buy things for them to win them over. Don’t sit by your phone stuck wondering when will they text. Just live life like before them!

#5 Love yourself when one else is!!

Fuck them! You’ve got you! Lame I know but trust me, you can do so many cool things alone! Love you. Praise you. Expect more from you. Invest in you. After all if not you who will? Don’t let your heart get hurt by people who give a damn. The right people exist and will be there for you soon enough!