Life lessons I learned from taking a break today

  I took an off at work today because I had to actually buy a few important things for myself and for that I needed my aunts help who I don’t meet that often. I met her and then went off to meet me mom’s mom and then my little niece and even though I got to spend limited hours with them, it was the best day I had had in a very long time.
First of all, it got my mind off life.

Often meeting the oddest people or taking a break where you don’t just spend your time as waste can really help you find happiness in unique ways. Sometimes city people spend so much time in the city saying they never have time for anything else when they can actually make time and spend time with their far away family can change a lot of perspectives.

Heres what I learned taking the day off:

You forget the silliest things that make you mad.

You give your brain a chance to breathe.

You learn something from either a bad experience or good one.

You realised your nana is actually very very modern breaking all assumptions that shes like grandma.

You meet someone younger to you who could be least bothered about your issues and all she wants to do is play Badminton and the world makes sense again.

Its okay. You learn to say and believe in the words its ‘okay’.

He, is, not, worth, anything. Not even your text message.

It’s good to be earning well and giving back to people who don’t charge you as much as the city.

In a chaotic situation, you staying calm can make all the difference in the world for you.

When you’re young and you like someone very much in your family, you will still probably like them the same when you grow up. People barely change.

Women love too much. They love useless men, they love their moms, dads, brothers, nana’s, nieces. They really love too many people. At least Indian women (according to my experience).

It’s okay to be a late for an Indian wedding. A) It goes on forever. B) It never ends.

Sometimes you just stare at fish and smile about life.

Okay so let me know all the weird things you’ve learnt from taking a break as a surprise! 

Until the next blog! 


This shit just got real!


I am sick and tired of the word immature, because people take their own time to mature, just cause you’re older don’t pick on younger people with less experience. I am sick and tired of fighting. I am sick and tired of losing friends and having a bidding war. I am sick and tired of how people just attack other people. This is why I started with this whole new concept of not arguing and fighting back. I want less people to get angry and put other people down. Arey yaar, people have issues, everyone has issues, everyone has a reason why sometimes they are crazy and not tolerant or why they do bad things. You can walk out of a relationship friend or boyfriend if its not working but you cannot try to change someone and you should not let someone down despite their flaws just to prove how it was not your fault or to win an argument. I might follow some of these and I might not follow some of these things when I get mad but in the end I always mean well. I don’t get how so much anger and overthinking can destroy a persons love and personality. How writing messages like this on social media mean I’m dissing someone off or I am pointing towards someone who feels like I am writing about them. No I’m not. I’m just conveying my feelings like I do on my blog too.
I am a writer, it is my job to be vulnerable, to make mistakes, to experience things and talk about it. I learn and preach lessons and I may not follow them but what I feel is right to talk about I do. It may offend you, it may piss you, it may make you angry but sometimes it more than YOU. Some things go beyond you.

So here is basically what I’ve been meaning to say.

1) Get angry but look at your flaws first before you point out others.

2) Change, keep changing but not so much you give up your personality and turn into someone else.

3) You may be a very strong person and you may like the attention and you may have a personality that is very bold but that does not mean you are desperate, needy or insecure. It just means it’s the way you are unless you’re doing it on purpose then that’s fucked up.

4) Let go of people who stress you out, scare you or make you feel like it’s always your fault. It maybe all your fault but you will realize it with time and grow from it. You don’t need people pointing out your issues, you need people helping you solve it and support you. 

5) Men and women who are in relationships, BE HAPPY WITH WHAT YOU HAVE! You have no idea how many people who have someone to love have so many issues! I mean c’mon! Single people have been looking out for those special people who can say ‘I love you’ to them and you have that special one with you and yet you guys fight and not define relationships and all that jazz. Just do it man, just be happy with each other.

6) Sometimes you may wonder what love is and when you say it to someone is it right or wrong, don’t regret saying that word to someone. Whether it’s your crush or it’s a friend. Love is a very powerful thing and if your the kind that feels a lot then don’t worry, just share it. Yes, they might think you are a creep and yes they might totally freak out and run away but it takes guts. Kinda like skydiving. 

7) Overthinking. I am a victim of overthinking and over thinkers take their time to build up all those thoughts and all that anger and then they burst out on people who don’t really think that much. Write down your shit man. You guys will end up making so many changes to that script you’ll actually feel better in the end.

8) Don’t fight. No matter how much that person makes you crazy. There is no point to fighting. Life’s short and don’t use your limited time in arguments. Let go of small things if you can.

I know the post was filled with various points some related, some not but I just had to let it all out and share this with everyone. Recently I have been observing so much shit that’s been going on in my life and others and these are lessons I want people to learn out of! If you have something negative to say, spare me, seriously and don’t pick a fight cause that just means my post was useless to you. If you have something that might help someone then you can add your experiences in the comments below. 

p.s This does not point out to anyone in particular. It is simply a p.o.v of a writer. It is what I do, it is who I am and no it’s not for attention and no it is not for fun. It’s my way of spreading a message from my lessons. If you respect that then my respect goes back and on to you. Thank you.

What is the soul made up of?

Everybody gets this whole concept about soul-mates, soul-friends, the soul is something that’s not the heart  etc. I’ve always wanted to keep my soul safe, always thought about it as a part of me but never understood what it really was. I never even got the concept of it. I just knew it was important because the movies taught us to never sell your soul to the devil. 

Well today I realised what the soul really is. It’s the core you. The center of you. It is who you are and who you’ve always been. And no matter how much you try to change and alter yourself, you will always be drawn back to certain characteristics you’ve always had all your life.

For eg: Hopeless romantics

These people try to not fall in love too quick, try to stop believing there is someone out there, try to act all tough but when they meet someone their soul aka their core gets them back to their origin. They will fall for that person quickly, they might even be proud of it sometimes and then they say – I won’t change myself for anyone and thats them getting back to who they always were.

The evidence of your soul is everywhere

Things you like consciously and subconsciously, people you hang around, people you like to interact with, your work, your life. Pieces of your soul and the true you reflects in these things, in everyday things. You only detect these tiny details when you look back at your past and detect certain patterns. Thats your soul, not your brain or heart that made you, you.


I think the biggest proof of having a soul is guilt. Small mistakes or big mistakes, regret, pain, suffering. It’s all the soul guiding you.

Is the gutt your soul?

Gutt feelings are like a pouches filled with tiny versions of your voice trying to scream out whatever you are doing if its right or wrong. The soul doesn’t tell you what is right or wrong. It plays a very different role. Its just you, a you built and made since you were born and it emerges when it finds the courage to be yourself.

This my interpretation of the soul. I’ve seen evidence of it in my books that are years old reflecting who I was then and what I am now. Funnily some things have remained constant no matter how much I’ve surpressed and tried to change it and then when I felt that steady line of me emerging everywhere, that was my soul talking to me.

Share your thoughts about what you think the soul is and let me know!


Have I Inspired You Enough?

The tale is as old as time and thats a very typical line. True as it could be though, she wondered how long till the perfect friend came along. People came and went but nobody stayed till the end. It made her question how well she knew herself compared to how well the world knew her. At first it was their loss and their problem but then it became her loss and her problem. How many more friends could she lose? How long would it be till someone would fit her shoes? Then before she knew it, it happened to her. It wasn’t perfect at first but the other girl stuck through, right beside her. Just like a tree their friendship grew and grew, sometimes they fought and sometimes they cooked. Times got bad like it’s always supposed to but then it also got better and thats when she knew. The best things do happen whether you’ve been good or bad. It’s all upto what you deserve and who you are. If your soul is in the right place, things do get better and if your soul is lost, then the lonely periods are for it to mend and learn and wait for the perfect period. She may only have one or two friends left, but at least they are the right ones, that will teach her to be herself. So she asks all the other lonely girls, still growing and learning things. Wait for friendship, wait for the right moments because it will come and it will happen, you just have to give it time so that it feels granted.

Until the next blog!

How to get through a bad day

This is a post about control. Controling your inner mind and motivating yourself to get through a rough day or a bad week. 

Don’t do anything irrational! 

Whenever I am having a bad day or a bad week I tend to get really irrational ideas. I think about getting really mad at someone or going on a trip that is way too last minute or expensive or just wasting money on things I don’t need or calling my ex or a friend I don’t need to talk to.

Get the idea that you need someone to get you through the day – out of your mind. 

Settle for a movie by yourself or coffee with yourself. Don’t call up people pretending like you’d die without them and then feel even worse when they are busy. Make your own day by yourself.

Understand the main reason why you are angry or pissed off so you can let that reason go

Sometimes when someone says something to us or does something we end up having a bad day. Don’t project that frustration on others to make it worse. Take a deep breath and think over the intensity of what happen between you and that person and if its not a big deal just let it go and move on. 

Always keep your patience

Staying patient always helps. If you want to confront someone or say something to them don’t say whatever comes to your mind. Stay patient, cool your system down and then talk to them. 

Does it really need talking every time? 

Do you really need to talk stuff out all the time? Can you give the small stuff a break sometimes? Just let it go. People don’t care as much as you so why bother?? Instead think of something practical for yourself and productive! 

Until the next blog! 

Sorry for not posting last week! Didn’t want to post for the sake of it! New posts every Monday and Thursday!