Reflect on what you’ve got.

Today is my parents 24th anniversary but the only problem is that my dad passed away in 2008 so although my brother and I know it’s my moms anniversary we can’t say much cause it reminds her of her dreams and her promises that my dad gave her.

Today morning, the morning of the anniversary, one of my relatives died. I wasn’t close to him but he was a good guy so it hurts a little. These uncles and aunties are so annoying but then you spot one good uncle, who minds his own business, who doesn’t judge and yet makes a good impression on everyone, yeah that was him. He was really a good guy and he died of a heart attack all of a sudden.

I went on to reflect and compare him as a dad and my dad. My dad was good but selfish. He didn’t choose to stay, he chose to die. To trouble his family with his alcohol addiction, to not listen to us begging him to stop and live for us, to be there for my mom. He never listened and then died. And here my uncle, a man who had his drinks during occasions, brought up 2 beautiful daughters, got them married, made them achieve their dream and their dream man. Saw his grandkids, named them with his kids. Celebrated so many anniversaries with his wife and then died all of a sudden of a heart attack but with his responsibilities fullfilled. 

I wonder what thats like, having a dad choosing to support you and live life with you and advice you. A dad that makes weird promises to his wife and then spends every anniversary somewhere special.

Your parents might not be perfect, they might be divorced or going though difficult times or they might be difficult with you but they are still around, they still wanna see you grow up and be someone someday, your parents love you, so love them back. Be there for them and enjoy every moment with them! 

I wanted to share this part of my life with you’ll. I know many kids out there have been through a lot worse and similar situations as I have but what about those kids who still have their parents but don’t talk to them or forget to thank them? 

Do it now, today. Thank them and make then promise to stick it out with you till the end. Trust me you need them.

Until the next blog! 


A little bit stronger



Time makes you a little bit stronger, a little less bitter and little more careful. It makes you a little more wiser and little less naïve and little more quicker. 

You realise either its your worth or theres. You chose you. You feel a little more liberated. You feel you can control your feelings, hide away your thoughts and tread a little more softly.

You start to wonder about the past less, divert your mind more and start breathing like everythings fine. You let go of stuff you can’t hold on to. You learn to walk again with you head held high and heart shielded up completely.

You do things for yourself because no one else cares as much as you do. Go forth in seeking battles worth fighting for and peacekeeping it out with noise makers.

You travel. Make new friends, have more time. You don’t grow up, you grow away, far away from family, love and friends. You move into a new zone. Your zone, me zone.

It’s important, you are important, your well being is inportant. It’s happening again. Where you’re turning into a  child. That does whats it wants, talks with who it wants to and lets go. 

Its good to feel a little more heartier and little less stressed out and a little more stronger.
Until the next blog!