Have I Inspired You Enough?

Rainbows and butterflies fly in the air, as she settles for a love she didn’t know was there. Truth and trust bind the heart but the past bitters and shatters the hope of a healthy start. Is he good or is he not, the white in shining armour he better be not?

She didn’t need saving but she needed respect, one that many men gained but never shared fast. 

He stayed there looking through her fragile eyes. She knew something started to stir inside her mind. She boggled and tossed in her mind and in her bed, will it be this exciting forever or will it end?

The harsh cold wind swings across her hair, he touches the black strings and tugs it somewhere. He seems different – she sings in her mind, but don’t they always seem different and right everytime?

Will fear dominate her chances of being with her true love or is there something more powerful than fear that might stub?

Relationships may form and they may break, it’s the memories we feed on to forget old mistakes. But instead of forgetting they play as a reminder, don’t be too polite or he might steal your glamour. 

But this way she might never find love, good things come only from risking ones heart. It’s a story as old as time, one heard of in different versions. Stay alert and wide awake but also believe in the good that tried to exist everyday!

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Is he the one?

  Probably not. He’s probably not the one but the guy sitting next to the ‘the one’ image – who you’re slightly attracted to, who doesn’t demand anything out of you, who smiles at you and asks you how your day went. The one you’re comfortable with, probably you wouldn’t feel weird being naked with him either, he’s the one.

You’ve probably heard this a million times over but looks fade, the heart doesn’t. If he likes you a lot, he is going to take care of you. If he is attracted to you and only loves the attraction, he’s not good for you because then he comes into the category ‘all boys only want one thing’. 

‘The one’ is an image that we as little girls evolve in our heads. The truth is, ‘the one’ is a different guy in different heads. While some  ‘the ones’ are over advertised in movies and ads and everywhere else, they aren’t supposed to be a fitting figure for everyone.

He might look less handsome but he has a big heart. He’s been your best friend forever. He might look extremely handsome and also have a big heart! It’s all different for different people.

So choose him, not because he’s cute but because he cares a lot about you and sees things others don’t. 

Categorize him as ‘the one’ because when he sees the world, he sees it with you by his side. He sees you as the rare diamond he had been searching for all his life!

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5 tips for independant women falling into a relationship!

You’ve been single for ages and finally you’ve found someone you connect to and like. You’ve been so patient that the image of the man you’ve always wanted has formed an unrealistic post that may or may not hinder you on a new adventure. The other thing about being single is that it has been so much about you and what you want and the money you spend that suddenly it becoming about someone else is an entire game changer for you! 

Well don’t worry too much! Here are 5 things all independent women should know before falling into a relationship! 

#1) Budgeting! 

Dating is expensive, you don’t realise how much money you have spent till its spent and then you regret it. Tell your man that you still love you and that you want to fullfill some of your dreams too and that you need money to save for those dreams and go on adventures of your own. Don’t be afraid, if he is right for you he’ll support you. Tell him a budget you are comfortable with and would like to stick to in order to spend because you don’t want him spending all the time, do you? 

#2 Me time!

While its super easy to get excited and want to spend all your time with him, don’t forget to take out time for yourself, for your work, for your friends. Don’t forget to read, talk to others and everything else that you would usually do when he wasn’t around! 

#3 Take your time when it comes to dating!

While he might be super tempting and super amazing and super everything, wait it out. Its not the big picture that will get you far, it’s the small details that you have to fall for.

#4 Independant women are women who do not depend on anyone

While that is something amazing and something ever man wants, they also want to be needed. Don’t forget, he has a feministic side of him somewhere. Make him feel like he is important too, his feelings matter too and that you need him too!

#5 How to be sure he’s someone worth the trouble

Make a list of everything you imagined you wanted in a guy and then tick off the things he completes. He might have qualities you don’t like but no is perfect! He musn’t be liking a few things about you either! So think well and don’t try to change him!

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Have I Inspired You Enough?

  Quick as a fizzle, she jumped into the river thinking it wouldn’t be cold but little did she forget this wasn’t the shower, it wasn’t warm. Scared to death to try it again, she thought she would go in slower but she slipped and fell again. Arising from the deep she resurfaced as a new person, only one man knew how her fate would be  chosen. It wasn’t that bad she said to herself, a few more dips and I would be glad I did it again! But no more jumping in quick she promised, she didn’t want to face the wrong consequences. She’d do it slowly but fate didn’t agree, it had it’s own plans to break through her deals. What is mean’t to be will happen and you can’t control it but what you can do is nurture is with trust and hold it. Much like love and opportunities that flow in, you’ve got to keep your stand high and feel like you own it. Be scared and stay worried but don’t forget, he’s got a plan and that plan only fate knows it.


How far can you go to free your mind? 

  Often things haunt us forever. Love, crushes, bad memories, accidents. It’s not like you can use the memory eraser flash from Men In Black to get rid of all these bad things haunting you. Sometimes you finally get over something and a small trigger takes places and you’re back to square one. What is this thing you want to forget? How far will you go to forget it? Why is it haunting you? 

Often things that scare people or instill fear are things we want to run from. We all are just trying to move on. All of us are desperate to get to the end of the rainbow and be happy or satisfied or less embarrassed. 

What can you do to make yourself forget? To make it better?

The answer is nothing. You cannot do anything. The moment has occurred and you just have to learn to accept it. The choice was made when the action took place.

When you are about to take an action, that is the time we have a choice, once the action has taken place, the choice leaves with it. When we are suffering we think we have the choice not to, to find a solution, to make it better but that is not true. You have no choice but acceptance.

Acceptance welcomes time to heal the pain, to give you an opportunity. The faster you accept the flaw in your system, the faster you get another chance to do better.

Remember! What is done, is done. There is no one elses fault but yours. Accept that. Don’t put the blame on someone else, that ain’t going to help you. 

The key to a free mind is maturity. Maturity comes with experience. The more you allow yourself to fall and stubble, the more experienced you are going to get. The more experienced you will get, the more graceful you will be at handling situations. The more better you get at handling situations, the lesser the mistakes you will commit and isnt that your end goal? Less mistakes.

Don’t torcher yourself when you are trying to free your mind. Let the thoughts flow, let the pain burn, try all your natural ways of erasing everything you remember but only time will be the solution and acceptance the medicine to the wound. 

This is how far you have to go to free your mind. You’ve got to let the pain in, stubble to get mature, accept life as it is and let time heal it all.

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