Dream away! 

Dream wild, dream free, dream without greed. Dream with less fear and dream more with gear. Dream out of your comfort zone, dream with your soul. Dream to forgive yourself, dream to strive harder.

Dream a dream bigger than you. Dream to change the future you see. Dream to breathe life in the lifeless. Dream to turn stronger in the foresightness. Dream because you want to live the dream and not just sleep in it. Dream for as long as you can, with an ever changing mindset and a happier start to keep you going. Dream because you believe in yourself, you believe something better that awaits you, something so much stronger, powerful and beautiful that only you can create.

Because if you had never dreamt, you would be trapped in eternal boredom again! 

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Have I Inspired You Enough?

As the night set she felt braver, braver for tomorrow was going to make her even more stronger. The lessons she learn’t kept teaching her that the more troubles she burn’t it would keep her future cleaner. The storm would pass just like sweetened prayers and when it did she knew that the promises she kept to herself made her greater. Once was all it took to convince her that love heals and prayers soothe her. She poured all that she had the next day till the winters got over. Nights danced away and the tomorrows got closer. The year ended with some good decisions and some bad but as long as she kept going her dreams grew to support her. It is not how much or how hard you work towards a goal to make yourself happier, it is how passionately and intellectually you give it all to make everything in your life a little bit more clearer!

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You don’t have to be in a relationship to find self – acceptance!

Self acceptance is a word that may or may not already exist but according to me it means when a person accepts who they are and embraces it. Lately I have come across a lot of women who aren’t very happy with their bodies or faces or with themselves at all that they go looking for acceptance in other people words or feelings. Don’t do that ladies, don’t think that a compliment or a boy liking you or in fact society accepting you is going to change the way you think about you. You are beautiful. You are one of a kind and only you can make a difference in the world. Here are 4 things you should be doing to understand if you accept yourself or not!

#1 Don’t wait for a compliment!

We often tend to blame the way we eat or the way our bodies naturally are to define who we become or what we do – that’s completely wrong. You go tell yourself you are hot if you are tired of people calling you cute. You go tell others you are pretty and fabulous and that if they cannot see the beauty in all people and sizes they are missing out on the greatest people in their lives. You don’t have to wait for someone to point out how beautiful you are. If you feel beautiful you will dress beautiful (and by dress beautiful I don’t mean clothes but I mean the personality we give off to others) and if you dress beautiful the world will see that you are truly a beauty within yourself. You are different and isn’t that what we all look out in the people who inspire us?

#2 You don’t have to be in a relationship to assure you that men are attracted to you!

Relationships are not mean’t to be goals in your life. A good career, a good home you built, a good lifestyle for yourself – these are goals. Men/women, friends and families are mean’t to be part of your lives, not your entire life! You are your entire life. And if you think you’ve been single for so long because of the way you look and that a handsome man falling in love with you will suddenly give you the confidence you have been looking for, you are wrong! In fact insecurities always surface through and when they do, they don’t look very appealing on you. You have to learn to love yourself for others to fall in love with you!

#3 Do not let the internet or someone else’s opinion change the way you think about yourself!

Rejection or relationship goals that come from men and the internet respectively are just fads of the society made up to keep themselves entertained, these things shouldn’t really affect you. All that content out there might be there to inspire you but you shouldn’t pay attention to the ones that make you feel like shit or de-motivate you! True self acceptance occurs when you find a difference between what you think of yourself and what others think of you and all of a sudden, what you think of yourself matters more that someone who hasn’t known you as well as you have known yourself for as long as you have lived!

#4 Be you. It’s that simple.

Be confident, be happy, be the way you are supposed to be. There is no hiding from the true version of yourself. Everyone is watching and they not watching your pretentious personality they are watching your subconscious moves of doing what you really want to do through nervous breakdowns and feeling choked while pretending to be someone you are not. Don’t hide from the world what you’ve truly got because it will resurface and you won’t be ready to let it all out in front of everyone you know if you’ve been suppressing the real you all this while! Give it all and the world will return the favour!

So I hope this inspires all the cute ladies who are not cute but really hot. All the shy women who really aren’t shy but are fucking badass and for the ones afraid that their extreme personalities might drive people away when it’s actually just clearing up the not very accepting people in your life for your good!

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Inspired by: Masha, because I know she has the balls to do whatever she wants to do with a little bit of hope and inspiration instilled in her!

Dating in your 20’s – a gift or a curse?

Dating in your 20’s is the most amazing yet toughest things you can ever do. While when you were single you might not have realised just how lucky you were from saving yourself from loads of misery that comes once you fall in love. Don’t get me wrong, love is great and beautiful but when you are young there comes ambition, dreams and lessons.

Being in your 20’s you aren’t settled. You want to explore, do new things, travel the world, explore, fall in love and do so much more. While one beautiful thing happens to you, the rest does catch up sooner or later in the relationship.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of falling in love


Advantage: While your parents or friends might not the supportive at times, true love really is. They want to nurture your thoughts, explore your dreams and encourage you to fulfil everything you’ve ever wanted just to see you happy.

Disadvantage: There are 2 kinds of disadvantages in this one. One is where we ignore our dreams and get consumed in the love that we’ve finally got and the second one is where we follow it with the support of our love only to distance ourselves from them because dreams require sacrifices. The very famous “It’s time to leave home” expression aka long distance here you come. You have to deal with distance because one of the younger tweens have to study more or have other achievements to follow. This leads to lesser time for each other, with barely any branches left to keep the spark alive. You cannot be not supportive, you cannot ask them to stay back for you, you cannot expect that they won’t be consumed in everything that they have ever wanted to do. You can only watch them be happy and follow whatever they have been wanting to follow for a long long time and be happy for them while the relationship or your heart shatters with time.


Advantage: While you are young, you don’t have many responsibilities and so you can let go of what you can spend and have a great time to together because moments matter more than savings when you are young.

Disadvantage: We loose out on saving for our future selves. Only smart couples, make smart decisions on saving money for their future but while we are in our 20’s carelessness does creep in often.


Advantage: While a man can always grow from a woman and visa versa you know how to tackle the world in a much better manner.

Disadvantage: Bad relationships can cause trust issues, depression and strong needs to not really take care of ourselves when we are young.


Advantage: This is a great way to move on from our families and re-discover ourselves with newer people.

Disadvantage: Meanwhile our family thinks we don’t have time for them and might make them feel like we are ignoring them but in reality we are just moving on with our lives.

#Accepting loneliness

Advantage: We’re never alone because they are just a text or call away.

Disadvantage: We distance ourselves with the feeling of loneliness thinking we are safe but when the ones we love have to move away or are gone it hits us like a bus that we got so distant on learning to be alone that we don’t know how to deal with it anymore.


Advantage: Dating obviously teaches us to grow up and be more mature and to learn to tackle to the world in new ways…but

Disadvantage: In your 20’s we aren’t really that mature. Small situations seem big, big situations get ignored. We do thinks to impress the other half, the other half does things to impress the other one. Sometimes it turns out the relationship is so immature that we don’t realise it because we all are still such kids and yet learning our lessons.

These are just a few points about what it’s like to date in your 20’s. What do you guys think? Is it a boon or a bane? Let me know.

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