You can’t hurt me anymore…because I’ve begun not to care!

I can’t do this anymore. I cannot let myself feel or think the way I used to. I cannot let people just walk all over me and make me feel things. I cannot give you the love I deserved to give myself any longer. I have done enough, felt enough and let go of enough things in my life. It’s time to think of other things than you. It’s time to let myself feel happy about the sun and the wind and the people around me.

Honestly I wanted to shut every emotion of me down. I wanted to tell myself to never love again and to never trust again because you were the last piece of hope I thought I had and then you broke me down. But doing this would only hurt me more. I would end up shutting off my joy and happiness along with the other negative emotions I had to let go of. I would pull myself into darkness again just to forget you forever.

I don’t want you to win this time. I don’t want to give you the satisfaction of shutting me down. I will not cry. I will not feel sad and I will be happy even though I don’t exactly feel like it all the time.

You are an example of everything that has let me go. You are one of the reasons why I can’t breathe whenever I think of everything sad that has happen to me. You were too good to be true and maybe it might even be my fault to thinking you were someone who would stay for a change.

You have your issues to deal with and I may not fit that bunch of solutions you think you have gotten right but trust me, I will be an example to you of what a beautiful hurricane looks like. My love was pure, was true and maybe not thought through but pureness surfaces all bitterness and you’ll realise that over time.

I fell for you harder than you did and not because you looked great or were great, it was because you made me feel great, you made me feel happy. But what I did not realise is that all this while, you replaced my abilities or my own potential to make myself happy due to which I began to depend on you. I lost my way but I’ve found it now.

I loved every bit you, bad and good but you only breed on the bad of me and let me go. So yes, you can’t hurt me anymore because I didn’t aim to be perfect for you, I aimed to just make you happy and love you with all my heart. If you couldn’t appreciate that, you would never see true love from anyone in your life even if it hit you with a bat!

So yes, you can’t hurt me anymore but I know what true love looks like. I found it in me. I don’t feel like I’ve lost anyone anymore, I feel like I found myself again. You will always be an example, an example to learn from, a lesson to remember and if you did care, you wouldn’t have let me go because you knew, that’s all I had asked from you right from the beginning and you couldn’t even stick to that for me once.



Don’t be afraid when the pain returns in your life. 

Everybody is going through something in their lives. Everybody has faced pain and fear and everybody has been rejected and hurt in the battlefield of love. 

You have to know that it’s okay and you have to know that better things are coming. You have to know that rejection is just part of a journey to which the destination may be a bundle of happiness you never knew about. People who truly loved you would never let go of your side and ones who do, although it terribly hurts, were just mean’t to teach you lessons in your life. 

Just remember that no one can love you better than you do. Also remember that things get better and brighter with each day that passes by. If you don’t like a certain feeling or feel like you’ve been hurt way too much then try not to repeat what caused that feeling.

When it comes to heartbreak you cannot do much but let it fade away. The next time you do like someone keep an eye out for red flags, try to understand the persons mindset. Someone who shares too soon or someone who introduces you to people in their lives too soon are eager people who would let you down quicker. 

Each suffering in a persons life exists to make them stronger and wiser. Wisdom will lead you to your goal but wisdom is earned and does not just exist in your mind. Earning something requires sacrifices and sacrifices hurt. 

Each person also has different ways of healing. Find your source and breathe it in till your heart mends. 

People say fight for the things you want. Yes, but fight wisely and practically. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. 

If you were always an emotional person wanting to become a hardcore person, it only happens when you’ve put yourself out there so many times that a switch suddenly just goes off. For that once again you have to face the most difficult tasks or people you will ever come across in your life in order to harden and become stronger! 

And always, always remember, every bad thing that happens to you has a hidden reason behind it. When you are older or when you have experienced enough only then will you be able to see through and understand those reasons and smile about the lessons learn’t.

Until the next blog!

Why he wasn’t right for you and why you couldn’t see it!

Love is a tricky thing. Sometimes we don’t realise that more than the person we are in love with, it is the concept of being in love that appeals to us the most. We try so hard to make our relationships work but the reason they don’t work out is because we get into them for all the wrong reasons. Even if something is terribly nagging us that he or she is not right or that things are not working out the way want it to, we push and push and shut that voice down till one of the couple members gives sup and it all comes falling down.

Maybe you did love him and maybe it really hurts watching him leave but he wasn’t the right guy for you and if he really did understand you and loved you he would have stayed just like you wanted to in the relationship. Maybe he saw it earlier than you did that not only were you wrong for him but he was totally wrong for you too!

If you felt like you weren’t getting what you wanted from the relationship or you felt like things weren’t right, or that he wasn’t giving his all or that he had habits you didn’t like at all and that pissed you off or that at times he made situations or arguments that were unfair to you and you ignored it all just to be with him was a completely wrong move. Look back at the times you’ll argued! Did he retreat? Did he not communicate his feelings well? Did he like holding on to everything you said. Did he use words that hurt but it didn’t make a difference to him that he said those things? These were all signs he wasn’t mean’t for you!

Everyone comes in with huge amounts of baggage in a relationship. The older you are the more baggage you’ve got but if the core of the relationship is not strong enough (and by core I mean both of you know that it’s okay to be damaged and that being patient about it and working it out together would all be worth it) then it is bound to shatter. And do not cry over that, do not cry over someone who does not want to stay. Do not cry over the mistakes you must have made in the relationship and torment yourself over it again and again because its already over! It is in the past and you have to accept the fact that some things are just out of your control!

Life has so much more to offer, you have so much more to offer to yourself. The major reason why most relationships fall apart is because people do not love themselves first, they do not know who they are and so they create a version of themselves that everybody will like. That is not how it works! You cannot create a version of yourself that someone will like because that version will have loopholes and it will all sink through when things get rough. You have to know that being you is the best shot you’ve got at attracting someone else and if it doesn’t attract the person you like then you have your answer.

Love is a fragile and rare thing. You cannot just fall for someone who falls for you! You have to grow up and get to know the person and really understand them before you get into a relationship.

The right people wait around to know more about you, just to fall right back in love with you but the wrong ones, they let you go completely, even if they offer friendship, you are never going to mean anything to them ever again. So let the wrong guys go so the right one can come along. Let the relationship end and let your heart learn a lesson.

Take this time out to stop looking and start living. You don’t need a man in your life to help you with anything, you are more than enough. Let this be a lesson to look within yourself for comfort and answers and to really be ‘the one’ for yourself rather than anyone else!

Until the next blog!

You’re more confident than you think!

Many a times we are not very confident about ourselves in public. We sort of move towards the path of introvertedness where we feel safe being ourselves and not allowing anyone else to really judge us but that sort of thinking is the exact reason why you’ve actually lowered your level of confidence! Here are 5 great ways to boost your confidence!

#1 Stop your head from making up scenarios that aren’t true!

If you think that you aren’t confident enough to be yourself in a relationship or in public then thats your brain talking not the people around you. People can sense what you believe in and the most important thing to believe in is that you are confident! There is nothing to fear but yourself! If you believe the people will actually believe in the same principals too!

#2 Pep talk yourself!

Talk to yourself like you are talking to a trusted friend. Ask yourself why are you the way you are. What makes you so introverted, what do you fear, what is the worst this that could happen? If the worst thing possible happened, whats next? Won’t you be off the hook once it takes place? From then on it is just you and a huge amount of space for you to do better and bring out better results in your life.

#3 Practice being more bold with family members!

Your family are a major chunk of the people in your life you could actually rely on! You could always start to act differently, try more confident ways to bring out the real you in front of them and get good feedback from them whether what you are doing is actually helping you or not!

#4 Confidence comes from within!

You may want to act confident but you wouldn’t still able to be confident if you don’t love yourself or believe in you. Tell yourself what is the best aspect about you. What part of you would you like to show to the world. Truly let your inner thoughts and emotions come out with grace and strength and the confidence will follow.

#5 The secret ingredient to staying confident.

Not giving a damn about peoples negative opinions. You have to understand that everyone has the right to have an opinion, may it be wrong or right but that opinion should not bring you down. You shouldn’t care what other people think because it doesn’t concern you! Only you concern you! Your family and true friends all the people you should be really giving a damn about. Everyone else who don’t know you well enough cannot judge you yet!

So I hoped this helped! Let me know if any of you confident readers know anymore tricks up your selves to bring out more confidence in other peoples lives!

Until the next blog!



To all the overthinker’s in the world

No, its not what you are thinking about that matters, its what you’re saying out loud that does. Why are you taking life so seriously? What about your goals, ambition, work and other things you can control and should rather be concentrating on?

Where did the secure things go? Why are you pushing him or her? Why are you testing everyones patience. What are you so worried about that cannot be solved a later day, with a cooler mind and an easy going thought? What is so damn important in the world that you can’t let go off?

There must be a movie that will help you get the situation off your mind. There must be someone you can talk it out with who is not directly linked to what you are thinking about.

Where is that ambition of yours going? What are you so stuck up on what just happened a minute ago? Isn’t that your past already?

Why are you so worried if he or she loves you? Why do you need answers? Why can’t you just talk it out with yourself? Why are you so stubborn and egoistic? Why do you expect someone else to solve your own problems? What are you so afraid?

When you overthink is this the person you want to become? Is this what you imagined felt like shooting down your own happiness? Why are you thinking about it again?

Why don’t you ever think about things that are going well or things that you have or dreams that you have achieved? Why are you so sad? Why are you trying to solve issues when you can be doing something else more fruitful in that time.

Think about how you should improve your life or better it or change it for the good. Think less or think more with a better thought. Thinking will just shoot down people and everything else that is happening around you.

Let it be. Let it go. Deal with a day at a time. Breathe. Deeper breaths. Let it all in and out at the same time. Just time yourself out. Decide to talk about it later. If you know you are wrong and you’ve already made things worse, you cannot reserve it by talking it out.

You are a smart capable person and it’s okay to mess up and the people who love you and have been around you for a long time know that these things happen and that it is fine because its not what you are thinking that is going to make them like you less, it is how you blame them or take things out on them that will affect your relationship with them.

Take a break, divert yourself. I know you can do this. I know it can be controlled and stopped and don’t let anyone make you think you less.

Your sincerely,

Your Brain.


Until the next blog!