To all the overthinker’s in the world

No, its not what you are thinking about that matters, its what you’re saying out loud that does. Why are you taking life so seriously? What about your goals, ambition, work and other things you can control and should rather be concentrating on?

Where did the secure things go? Why are you pushing him or her? Why are you testing everyones patience. What are you so worried about that cannot be solved a later day, with a cooler mind and an easy going thought? What is so damn important in the world that you can’t let go off?

There must be a movie that will help you get the situation off your mind. There must be someone you can talk it out with who is not directly linked to what you are thinking about.

Where is that ambition of yours going? What are you so stuck up on what just happened a minute ago? Isn’t that your past already?

Why are you so worried if he or she loves you? Why do you need answers? Why can’t you just talk it out with yourself? Why are you so stubborn and egoistic? Why do you expect someone else to solve your own problems? What are you so afraid?

When you overthink is this the person you want to become? Is this what you imagined felt like shooting down your own happiness? Why are you thinking about it again?

Why don’t you ever think about things that are going well or things that you have or dreams that you have achieved? Why are you so sad? Why are you trying to solve issues when you can be doing something else more fruitful in that time.

Think about how you should improve your life or better it or change it for the good. Think less or think more with a better thought. Thinking will just shoot down people and everything else that is happening around you.

Let it be. Let it go. Deal with a day at a time. Breathe. Deeper breaths. Let it all in and out at the same time. Just time yourself out. Decide to talk about it later. If you know you are wrong and you’ve already made things worse, you cannot reserve it by talking it out.

You are a smart capable person and it’s okay to mess up and the people who love you and have been around you for a long time know that these things happen and that it is fine because its not what you are thinking that is going to make them like you less, it is how you blame them or take things out on them that will affect your relationship with them.

Take a break, divert yourself. I know you can do this. I know it can be controlled and stopped and don’t let anyone make you think you less.

Your sincerely,

Your Brain.


Until the next blog!



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