Don’t be afraid when the pain returns in your life. 

Everybody is going through something in their lives. Everybody has faced pain and fear and everybody has been rejected and hurt in the battlefield of love. 

You have to know that it’s okay and you have to know that better things are coming. You have to know that rejection is just part of a journey to which the destination may be a bundle of happiness you never knew about. People who truly loved you would never let go of your side and ones who do, although it terribly hurts, were just mean’t to teach you lessons in your life. 

Just remember that no one can love you better than you do. Also remember that things get better and brighter with each day that passes by. If you don’t like a certain feeling or feel like you’ve been hurt way too much then try not to repeat what caused that feeling.

When it comes to heartbreak you cannot do much but let it fade away. The next time you do like someone keep an eye out for red flags, try to understand the persons mindset. Someone who shares too soon or someone who introduces you to people in their lives too soon are eager people who would let you down quicker. 

Each suffering in a persons life exists to make them stronger and wiser. Wisdom will lead you to your goal but wisdom is earned and does not just exist in your mind. Earning something requires sacrifices and sacrifices hurt. 

Each person also has different ways of healing. Find your source and breathe it in till your heart mends. 

People say fight for the things you want. Yes, but fight wisely and practically. Don’t let your emotions get the best of you. 

If you were always an emotional person wanting to become a hardcore person, it only happens when you’ve put yourself out there so many times that a switch suddenly just goes off. For that once again you have to face the most difficult tasks or people you will ever come across in your life in order to harden and become stronger! 

And always, always remember, every bad thing that happens to you has a hidden reason behind it. When you are older or when you have experienced enough only then will you be able to see through and understand those reasons and smile about the lessons learn’t.

Until the next blog!


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