The authors birthday 

You’ll be surprised by the amount of people who take some effort even if its minimal to wish you on your birthday than none. You’ll be surprised to see you are loved and you were always lovable but with the wrong people.

You will wonder how some people can really take care of you and make sure you stay happy no matter what. You will be shocked to see others go out of their way just because you mean something to them just the way you go out of your way for them hoping someday someone will do that for you!

Learn to let in the world, learn to let the world love you because they do, in their own way. You can’t see it but they think you are fabulous and precious and they expect you to think the same way about yourself when times get hard and impossible and there is no one to show how wonderful you really are.

You are beautiful and you are lovable and you are perfect to someone out there because you are you and thats what makes you special! 

Take pride and stay strong because I promise you, you will find the right people who believe in you the right way some way or the other because you make them feel loved and special! 

Until the next blog!

Dedicated to all my dear friends!