When I lost my dream job, I thought I would never be happy again!

I knew I was going to get a job there, after all I had worked so damn hard but it turned out, all the hard work was never enough to be put all in once place. You’ve got to keep working at it till you know you can’t do anymore but it has to be strategically thought through.

Everybody has that one dream job, that place they either want to work for or have worked as an intern but never got the job. EVERYBODY and I mean it, everybody has been through phases like these and for me it was a travel magazine that I loved.

The minute I knew I loved to write that very second I had my dreams set to write about travel. To my surprise I even got an internship in a place I never believed I would get in at such a young age and of course despite giving it my all, I failed.

In the beginning the shock was so much that I cried, I cried for a week, straight. I had given up on everything in my life. I knew there would be nothing better waiting for me and I would never ever get the complete satisfaction of working somewhere else the way I felt when I worked at my dream company and I still feel the same way.

Nothing can replace the loss of your dream job especially when you have tasted its sweetness and have come out needing more but I was wrong about my road ending there. Turns out I was smarter than just proof reading work and writing two paragraphed articles. Turns out I was better at something I never imagined I was talented in.

That’s the weird thing about our minds. We tend to make our present everything. We predict our doomsday when it actually doesn’t really exist. When we want something so bad, that the only option you leave for yourself is to obsess over something repeatedly, instead of giving it time and space to blossom into something you don’t need anymore.

When we are down, deep – deep into the floor, we never think that the only way we’ve got left is to go up. We never consider the possibility that we live in a big world with bigger opportunities that might just make your life better!

I found my second dream company, with another thing that I was passionate about that made me realize that I had more potential doing two things that I was really good at rather than one. It made me a stronger person, where I constantly push myself to be better than the day before every single day.

In the end it’s not about only enjoying what you do, it’s about how much you are learning and mastering skills that add to your profile and that add to your personality as a person.

You cannot be hell bound on things out of your control nor can you punish yourself for not being good enough. You have to believe in yourself much more than others would and know that opportunities are everywhere or that in today’s world you can even create one on your own. You have to believe in things like destiny and faith because it’s shorter route to bring in some patience within you!

Every moment counts only if you make it count. So don’t think it’s the end of the world because tomorrow might just surprise you in ways that you might just recognize something’s in you didn’t even know existed.

Just keep believing that everything really does happen for a reason and it happens for good!

Until the next blog!