Why is it important to keep goals in life?

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I’ve been thinking about how the idea of ‘goals’ really work. Does it help you get somewhere in life you originally had no clue you could get to? Does it guide you during times you feel you’ve got nothing to live for? Is it really important to have one?

Upon asking a friend – what does having a goal in life really mean to them, I got this reply – without a goal, you don’t really have a purpose.

For some of us a goal could be short term or it could be a very very long-term plan, which somehow justifies the life we’ve been living all along. As long as it satisfies you, your goal is something you should look forward to achieving every single day of your life.

Meaningless goals obviously are not meant to help you get anywhere. It is very important to want something so desperately, that you would be ready to do anything for it.

But how these so called ‘goals’ really help us?

 Having a goal could help you gain a reason to wake up in the morning. To really try something you’ve never done before since your wishes haven’t been completed yet. A goal helps you stick to one solution and if it doesn’t 100% satisfy you, you know it’s time to move on.

The really important part of keeping a goal is to make sure you achieve it.

A meaningless goal, as mentioned above will have no meaning in your life because of which you might just disagree that having goals make you happy.

Similarly, having a serious goal but never coming around to achieving it because you don’t have enough time or you’re not sure if your ready for it, leads to the same dissatisfaction as keeping a meaningless goal.

So how do you actually end up achieving a goal?

Here are a few tips and tricks that helped me publish a book, get a great job and learn designing and writing skills entirely on my own.

#1 Write your goals down

Studies claim that people who wrote down their goal were closer to achieving them than those who just made mental notes about them. It barely takes just a few seconds to note down what you want in life and that itself makes you 50% close to achieving it.

#2 Don’t aim too far into the future

The most common mistake most people make and so do I sometimes is, we think we’re gods, we can aspire to do anything we want in life. But it’s not that simple. While keeping in mind the bigger picture, we should ideally aim for realistic short term goals that can help us get closer to the big long term goal we’ve always wanted to achieve. Smaller steps can lead to great big leaps of progress towards the future you want.

#3 Keep your written goals visible to your sight

Don’t just scribble your goals down on a piece of paper and lose it. Keep that paper with you; stick it on a wall and look at goddamn every day. Read it again and again and constantly remind yourself that this is what needs to be completed on your agenda for brighter life.

#4 Talk about your goals with friends

One of the best things I’ve done to achieve my goals – to get myself published, is to tell my friends I’ve always wanted to get published. They constantly reminded me about something I’ve always wanted to do and that’s how I ended up doing it!

#5 Hardwork, hardwork and hardwork

Start living your goals right now. Make it part of your life the minute you write down about it. It’s not a piece of cake but a little bit of persistence and a lot of dedicated hardwork will cause miracles to happen. Keep going at it like a bull chasing a red target and you’ll be there in no time. Just have some patience about it.

Goals have helped the greatest men in the world achieve their biggest dreams. They have kept it real and given everything they have got to achieve. You are no different from the smartest, most intellectual minds in the universe. All you need is a simple reminder and some patience and you will reach greater heights than you had ever thought of achieving before.

So in conclusion all I’d like to say is, yes, having a goal is extremely important and not just any goal, a goal that helps define your purpose in life and keep going at it with every breath you’ve got and you’ll get there sooner or later.

Until the next blog!

 Let me know if anyone has any particular questions about life that they need an answer to and I’d be happy to help!


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