Learning To Be Patient – Nothing needs to be done RIGHT AWAY

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I think this article is one that extremely impatient people with no tricks up their sleeves would really want to read. And why do I think that? It’s because I would probably be one of them.

The biggest truths about people pretending to be patient is that they know they are going to tip over at any moment. You cannot fake it. You’re either patient or you’re not.

So how do you develop patience?

#1 It cannot be developed, it has to be rewarding

I always struggled with this whole idea of ‘developing’ patience. You don’t develop patience, you instead reward yourself every time you are patient. Every time you get impatient the results are never pleasing. How about challenging yourself to be being patient about one thing and if the time is worth the wait, it starts to get addictive. You’ll keep growing patient all the time, you’ll love the reward and results so much, you’ll wait every time something that needs waiting comes your way!

#2 Patience needs opportunities

You need a worthwhile opportunity to practice patience. You want to buy a new phone? – How old is your old one? Can it wait longer? If yes, then why not wait longer? You can’t seem to get the attention of your boss lately , should you just complain about it to her/him or should you just wait to prove your worth to gain their attention instead? You need a good opportunity to be patient otherwise you’ll be wasting your time on needless ones.

#3 The time and wait does not have to be the same as others

Everybody has different patience levels, you don’t have to follow someone else’s path to learning how to get patient. Sometimes it’s not in your personality to be as patient as other people. Get to a goal you are comfortable with and stick to that timeline and be proud of it.

#4 Don’t stress more by learning to be patient

One of the worst things to ever happen to me – is the feelings of being pressurised to be more patient like others. Nobody wants to live according to someone else’s standards. In trying to please others, you end up hurting yourself even more. Pushing harder all the time, at every aspect in your life will only lead you to burst out at any moment, anywhere. It’s okay to loose patience sometimes, you just have to try to control in situations you feel like you need to.

#5 Believe patience is a second chance

The most fulfilling thought I get when I’m trying to grow patience is that, I have the luxury of time, nothing needs to be done RIGHT AWAY. A thought can be thought again, a response can be framed in a better way, feelings can be understood in a better manner and you can save a lot of time and money by worrying less because you don’t need to get things done immediately. Think about how patience can be a second chance to anything in your life and you’ll definitely feel more positive trying to be patient!

Until the next blog!


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