Have I Inspired You Enough? 

I walked past the green grass, right under the blue sky. The timing was perfect. I felt alive. I looked at the grey concrete below my feet. It was warmed by the sun.

I was about to let my feet try out the black and white striped paint on the ground that was adjacent to me when the scent of spice and sweet sweat caught my nose.

It was like nothing I had felt before, or at least I thought so at the moment. It was pure bliss. His white brillant smile radiated my heart and his midnight black hair shinned under the sun.

My throat went dry, my feet froze. My lips shivered. His shadow neared me and I gluped roughly in a moment of nervousness. We were inches away soon enough and his dark iris caught my brown ones. His feet suddenly stopped and his long neck slid to the right. We had entered into each others world. 

“Hello” he said. And I knew it for sure then. 

Until the next blog! 


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