Soul Searching

Open your soul to a world where it connects, open your mind to a world that welcomes you, you’ve got nothing to hide my love because the world holds secrets older than your body.

The soul is free only when it is in love and it is traveling. 

The soul seeks acceptance only when it feels accepted… live your life. Seek a tommorrow of visiting a different world because while love depends on somebody else, traveling is in your hands.

The soul needs to meet kind people and dull people to learn to be kind and to learn to be tolerant. 

The soul needs air that it was born in, it needs light that it hasn’t seen.

Love might make the soul happy which frees it but its only temporary, the memories plague but travel, the memories enlighten. 

Breathe in fruits, vegetables, herbs and mints that you’ve never tasted. Breathe in scents of life, that are similar to you but smell different.

The grass, the plains, the rains, just like human skin, the same material but different colours. The soul needs to see different colours, the soul needs to feel the different colours.

Traveling feeds the mind, moves the heart and loves the soul. 

Soul searching starts with you first trip, travel to seek freedom, travel to search for happiness and you will find it. 

Till the next blog…


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