Have I Inspired You Enough? 

I walked past the green grass, right under the blue sky. The timing was perfect. I felt alive. I looked at the grey concrete below my feet. It was warmed by the sun.

I was about to let my feet try out the black and white striped paint on the ground that was adjacent to me when the scent of spice and sweet sweat caught my nose.

It was like nothing I had felt before, or at least I thought so at the moment. It was pure bliss. His white brillant smile radiated my heart and his midnight black hair shinned under the sun.

My throat went dry, my feet froze. My lips shivered. His shadow neared me and I gluped roughly in a moment of nervousness. We were inches away soon enough and his dark iris caught my brown ones. His feet suddenly stopped and his long neck slid to the right. We had entered into each others world. 

“Hello” he said. And I knew it for sure then. 

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Have I Inspired You Enough?

The stars danced around in the sky, as she pretended that the butterflies were just a myth. She barely knew what she wanted and yet she wanted something that felt real and made her happy. She looked up to others and some times even the world of fiction to get some answers but it only made her ask the right questions and forget the wrong answers. A fairytale life is what everybody wants but nobody has the courage to bear the consequences all good things have to offer.

She only wanted to be loved but it wasn’t as easy because she yet had to understand that that was the wrong thing to ask for. We often don’t realise what is good for us and yet we make decisions so fair and boldly only to fall down all over again. It is not what we are destined to have but what we are destined to be given that completes the big loop.

Do we always want more or is it a condition we have been grown to live with, she thought. For she was never satisfied but she knew she has to grow in order to find what she wanted.

It is a slow and crucial path to finding inner peace, but with every struggle you are one step closer to really understanding what makes it so special and why you are the way you are.

All she had to do was look very deep inside of her and agree to an answer that would not be easy to accept and things would flow just like the flowing river.

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Have I Inspired You Enough?

As the night set she felt braver, braver for tomorrow was going to make her even more stronger. The lessons she learn’t kept teaching her that the more troubles she burn’t it would keep her future cleaner. The storm would pass just like sweetened prayers and when it did she knew that the promises she kept to herself made her greater. Once was all it took to convince her that love heals and prayers soothe her. She poured all that she had the next day till the winters got over. Nights danced away and the tomorrows got closer. The year ended with some good decisions and some bad but as long as she kept going her dreams grew to support her. It is not how much or how hard you work towards a goal to make yourself happier, it is how passionately and intellectually you give it all to make everything in your life a little bit more clearer!

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Have I Inspired You Enough?

Rainbows and butterflies fly in the air, as she settles for a love she didn’t know was there. Truth and trust bind the heart but the past bitters and shatters the hope of a healthy start. Is he good or is he not, the white in shining armour he better be not?

She didn’t need saving but she needed respect, one that many men gained but never shared fast. 

He stayed there looking through her fragile eyes. She knew something started to stir inside her mind. She boggled and tossed in her mind and in her bed, will it be this exciting forever or will it end?

The harsh cold wind swings across her hair, he touches the black strings and tugs it somewhere. He seems different – she sings in her mind, but don’t they always seem different and right everytime?

Will fear dominate her chances of being with her true love or is there something more powerful than fear that might stub?

Relationships may form and they may break, it’s the memories we feed on to forget old mistakes. But instead of forgetting they play as a reminder, don’t be too polite or he might steal your glamour. 

But this way she might never find love, good things come only from risking ones heart. It’s a story as old as time, one heard of in different versions. Stay alert and wide awake but also believe in the good that tried to exist everyday!

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Have I Inspired You Enough?

  Quick as a fizzle, she jumped into the river thinking it wouldn’t be cold but little did she forget this wasn’t the shower, it wasn’t warm. Scared to death to try it again, she thought she would go in slower but she slipped and fell again. Arising from the deep she resurfaced as a new person, only one man knew how her fate would be  chosen. It wasn’t that bad she said to herself, a few more dips and I would be glad I did it again! But no more jumping in quick she promised, she didn’t want to face the wrong consequences. She’d do it slowly but fate didn’t agree, it had it’s own plans to break through her deals. What is mean’t to be will happen and you can’t control it but what you can do is nurture is with trust and hold it. Much like love and opportunities that flow in, you’ve got to keep your stand high and feel like you own it. Be scared and stay worried but don’t forget, he’s got a plan and that plan only fate knows it.


Have I Inspired You Enough?

The tale is as old as time and thats a very typical line. True as it could be though, she wondered how long till the perfect friend came along. People came and went but nobody stayed till the end. It made her question how well she knew herself compared to how well the world knew her. At first it was their loss and their problem but then it became her loss and her problem. How many more friends could she lose? How long would it be till someone would fit her shoes? Then before she knew it, it happened to her. It wasn’t perfect at first but the other girl stuck through, right beside her. Just like a tree their friendship grew and grew, sometimes they fought and sometimes they cooked. Times got bad like it’s always supposed to but then it also got better and thats when she knew. The best things do happen whether you’ve been good or bad. It’s all upto what you deserve and who you are. If your soul is in the right place, things do get better and if your soul is lost, then the lonely periods are for it to mend and learn and wait for the perfect period. She may only have one or two friends left, but at least they are the right ones, that will teach her to be herself. So she asks all the other lonely girls, still growing and learning things. Wait for friendship, wait for the right moments because it will come and it will happen, you just have to give it time so that it feels granted.

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Have I Inspired You Enough?

Black and white the days seems rough. One true love doesn’t seem so tough. She got and let it go because it wasn’t her choice to stay and make it work.

He thought it was the right decision, ignoring his urges to seek an ulterior motive. He maybe seeing good in her but she sees bad. She sees rejection and shes seem sad. She can’t get her head around his thoughts. That coward she screams when he talks.

What is it so unbearably real that it can’t work out or that she wants him to be surreal? How long can one seal their lips and hide? How long can one contain their pride?

It hurts as if sitting on a thorn or two. It hurts the memory and its hurts the heart too. What kind of pain is this that one can’t overcome? If true loves so painful then she rather not have some. But its always too late and pains too early.

You either live with it, fight it or just accept it. She can’t find her way out yet but tomorrow maybe someone might inspire her to see it differently!