My Books

Being an author of 7 books! You can find my works here and read about them! Pardon the PrincesDD in some places… that was my nick name 😛



Innocent Desire

Innocent Desire – Published and available on

Dreaming never felt more real. For Haven Green, dreams were just unfulfilled fantasies that would never turn into reality. Little does she know it will be the only way for her to survive. Haven Green, innocent yet yearning to make a sin, learns the power of extra – ordinariness and how to believe in herself once again when she meets the mysterious yet handsomely bold Tenace Colby who drives her intimate passions to its limits. He guides her on a journey of self discovery that not only draws her further away from the reality which she had been rooting for but generates a whole new world for her to discover her identity. This story grows on twists, turns and surprises that leave you astounded. Uncover an adventure that will lead you on a journey of Innocence filled with daring Desires.

Innocent Desire 2

Innocent Desire 2

What would you do if you fell in love with the wrong guy while you were trying to find out things about yourself that you never knew existed? The temptation of wanting someone you cant have? The sexy feeling of choosing sides? Its your wildest imaginations coming true, what more would want in a book? The squeal of a loved book namely Innocent Desire is reawakened revealing another story that will blow you away even more. Have fun reading.



TThe Barhe Bar

It’s time to believe in the cliche’s again. As the winter sets in Chicago city, Cathy finds herself wrapped between two of the most insane men she has ever met in her life. As friendship is redefined and love is rekindled in the mist of all the confusion, in the end, it is all about the lessons learn’t and the mistakes repeated. Dive into a fairy tale sensation that tingles within and be carried away with Cathy into the world of sensual men and martini’s.






Royalty's Rule's

Royalty’s Rules

What happens when the rule’s change among the Royal Kingdoms across the world? Alexandra is forced to attend normal school and meet a normal boy! On the other hand a boy named Liam… a very spoiled prince is forced to go to the same school and what happens when they both clash? Will they be going against the new Royalty’s Rule’s or will they abide by it. Does love win? Or Rule’s of the kingdom…. Maybe you can make a good guess or maybe read the book… and find out….



Dreams And Schemes

Dreams and Schemes

A high school reunion invitation turns Emma’s life upside down, which leads to a series of events that tests her patience at her dream job, her love life and facing an old enemy. Will she stick through the oaths she takes to protect herself from getting hurt again? or Will love at second sight work better?





Short Story:

The Guide

The Guide

(Short story based on a real life dream) What would you say if somebody presented you with an opportunity to meet the perfect guy? I surely wouldn’t miss it for a lifetime.







The Rainy Day

The Rainy Day

Meet an angel, abandoned, hurt and hates the human race till he meets a human worth sharing his secret about. Not every secret is a piece of cake to reveal. What is going to happen when Ally’s becomes a part of the secret all of a sudden? It all comes down to a Rainy Day.





My Blackberry Memopad

My Blackberry Memopad

This books includes: Teen drama help page, short stories, articles, my random observations, places to draw inspiration from that I’ve written on my blackberry for contest submissions, college magazines, projects, friends and families and sometimes random thinking, sometimes when i have shitty days or so, to help others going through the same things any teen does etc. You can read any story none of them are connected and maybe draw some ideas from random things you read here! I hope you like it!


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