The Singularity of being Single

In a world that has designed us to work in pairs is there a singularity of being single? Cost for 2, lesser price for 2, happy hours for 2, entry for 2 and the list goes on. What is it really like to be just 1?

Some might say the freedom of it, the way everything becomes all about you, no second responsibility, no mechanical thinking of making the other person happy and no being asked so where’s your boyfriend/girlfriend.

On the other hand those who have been single for the longest time know what it’s like to show up at parties alone, come home to no one, message no one, having to deal with flirting with a fuck-boy when you thought he was actually interested in you and the list goes on.

Is it really safe to say it’s fun being single or is there more? The grass does seem greener on the other side but it is human tendency to want love, comfort and attention. We have grown to realize either through romantic movies or books or happy endings that we think some of our friends have is what we need to make us happy, then we are surely pretty much fucked with those aspirations.

I don’t know how true that goes but I do know one thing, we are enough being 1 and making ourselves happy. If we’ve come into this world alone we can surely survive it alone. There are more important things to worry about such as who are we? Can we change a life? Do we make a difference in the world? The quality of life we live can make us happy.

While chasing love is part of life, it definitely isn’t everything. When a single person realizes that they aren’t a single person, they are just A PERSON and they are just doing what a person is supposed to do with their lives, the sooner they stop searching for ideas to become what we are driven to believe to become.

2 – is just a number and so is 1. We are humans, we need to form connections not to be loved but to grow and understand the meaning of life. Finding a partner along the way could just be a co-incidence but rest assured, you have to continue on your journey of making a mark in this world and understanding why your singularity matters the most.

Stay strong and talk deep. You’ve got this handled a long time ago.

Until the next blog!



What Inspires Us?

The unfairness of life. If life gave us everything we wanted we would never be inspired by great leaders or those amazing people in our lives who have gone through the same things as us, to actually motivate us to do something.

We complain so much about things being unfair and stuff not working out. We get so annoyed when people tell us everything happens for the good because nothing bad is ever good but in reality that very bad thing drives you to change. Everybody has gone through really hard things in life. Meanwhile for some, family sacrifices everything for them for others the absence of that love makes us fulfil our dreams.

Driven people get inspired. They don’t want to sit on their asses and hope things will just work out. They want to work on making their lives better, they want to be the change.

Mumbai is one of those cities where most of it’s citizens are immigrants from other cities because it is a city of opportunity. They leave their entire lives, families, friends and security to go to places that generate opportunities. It’s beautiful to see people with pasts so cruel and hurtful than the other person their sitting next to, to watch them do something about their misery and get out. Inspiration is not something that is temporary, it is permanent.

It is constant hard work and willingness to never give up that leads us to find motivation to keep us afloat. Failing is part of the entire process.

The truth about having a bad experience is so that you can make it a good one the next time around it repeats. Getting inspired is hoping someone out there has a similar story to share with you to keep you fighting your battles and to become the successful person that you always wanted to be.

It’s all about learning and not repenting. It is also so important to also inspire others facing similar problems in their lives. The worlds needs it and the young ones need it the most. So while you work on staying inspired every single day don’t forget to pass on the message and let people know that there is a shinning light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to make the effort of walking towards it and finding your escape and true meaning.

This is why we read more about other peoples lives, to feel better about ourselves and let ourselves know that if they can do, so can we.

So stay inspired and keep doing what you love and the rest will follow!

Until the next blog!

Try to pave your own path!

With the board exam results out and the admissions process begun, I wanted all kids to know a very important thing – try paving your own path instead of following others! People with experience will tell you how life will turn out if you chose a particular option but do not listen to them. They have made their mistakes and they have already prepared the path they are walking on and now its your turn.

Always chose what you love to do and never say no to any opportunities anymore. Let the world guide but also be your own traveller. There is no right or wrong, there is only you. If you think a particular subject will bring you joy, chose that for your junior college course, even if it means it’s going to be a lot of hard work.

Remember guys, all hard work pays off. You might be disheartened and it might get really hard but thats what life is about and I promise you that it finds a way to reward you. Be who you think will be happy in the next 5 years, no matter what others think you should have done or what subject you should have taken.

Your parents will always want the best things for you but that does not mean they know what is the best path for you. You are no longer in school, you are growing up finally and your life is going to change in way you will want to rebel against!

Live it with love and courage from now on. Live it like everyday will teach you something new. Never think that there is a full stop to learning, there isn’t. You are going to be learning every single day about life, love, books and so much more. Do remember everything happens for good, yes it does and whatever you think has not happened for good give it time. Be patient, it will do miracles, I promise.

Don’t be vengeful and don’t blame others for your choices. No one can force you into doing something you absolutely never wanted to do so don’t find people to blame. Travel, make friends, take up the worst job possible but make your own life meaningful. Try things but also let those things just be a trial and nothing more.

Earn and spend. Make memories and always put your career first. Every decision you will make, you shall be responsible for it forever. Let people in but also let people go. It’s time to grow up now, it’s time to know what real life is like. It’s time young ones.

Welcome to adulthood and hello college, the best experience you will ever have in your life!

Until the next blog!

Is the past supposed to be left in the past?

We are always either running away or avoiding our pasts but they always seem to catch up. Do they always catch up because we like to reminisce over our mistakes or we let the mistakes act as reminders not to repeat them?

Good memories that hurt, bad memories that hurt. Good memories that make us smile and bad memories that make us angry. Why is it so fascinating to go back to them the minute we have some spare time? Is it because we are bored? We can’t seem to think of more rational ideas because we too busy thinking all the things we did wrong and how we can’t make it right.

It is so bloody annoying. Why can’t we just think of more useful things, why can’t bad memories just get erased? Why does life have to seem so agonizing because we chose the worst way possible to handle a situation before that we could flawlessly take care of it now?

Are we looking for a second chance or redemption? Is it possible that all that agony of thinking about our pasts would let us make our future better? Does the past actually  act as a guide to let us know what things we are better off with and without?

Do second chances even come or are we all supposed to drown in the dreams that are already dreamt off every night? I can’t seem to hold back my past memories and yet there are days when my I know exactly what I want for my future. Is it a gift remembering all the lessons and forgetting all the fun? Or is it just plain old Jane telling us that’ve got no escape from what we have done? Either ways, we have to ultimately learn how to deal with and use it to our fullest advantage because if it’s not entirely a loss we can make it our gain and control it! We can probably learn from it, master it’s story and then make things different for our upcoming events.

That’s the beauty of the present unlike the past. It is yet to be discovered and formed and it lies in our hands to do so!

Until the next blog!